Saturday, October 25, 2008

best night yet

great saturday in paris, got up by 12 and went to breakfast at this cafe on the corner. Took the metro to the Musee d'orsay and it was AWESOME... bunch of impressionists. wow

next walking down st germaine, and some more shopping, then back to the hotel to chill..walked up and down the street of rue de martyrs where we are staying and shopped the shops and bought some souveniers, and some food, also some chocolate. dang the chocolate was good I'm going back tomorrow for gift boxes for my family. there was one with a cream inside that tasted like Earl grey.. yum

eventually we got out around 11pm and walked around the marais district, going into a few clubs, and then ending up back at Raid, and it was packed.. I got a lot of feedback... f-ing rocked. made out with a short muscled up tattooed latin guy, and then later a very FINE HOT bodies latin guy shorter and small but gorgeous eyes and face and smooth skin, he was from guatamala but lives in London... oh man the best kisser, but we couldn't do much sitting back at the club.....

I'm including a pic of Samy, the guy I met and the phone number from a few nights ago. I'm going to try and call him again tomorrow night since I haven't got hold of him since. ....

(my bud had taken a pic of him at the club...)


Friday, October 24, 2008

in paris!

hey, things are going well, thought I'd update, I arrived back in paris Wednesday afternoon and met my Austin bud, H. H and I walked all over and around the gay district, Marais. went to a bar and spoke to a few guys then back home to CRASH.... ahhh a hotel room real bed again.... was SO nice.... we got up Thursday morning, went to breakfast at a cafe down the street and then into the city, walking down st. germaine street east towards notre dame, then notre dame, and then to Forum de Halles which has tons of shops and stores and boutiques etc....
back to the room for a couple hours, my friend and we're sort of doing the gay thing of trying on a bunch of different outfits and not deciding til it was so late we jsut left already. went to a bar called "Raiid" and had a blast talking to some guys, I stared back and forth at this hot arab looking guy short and buff smooth skin and hot etc... finally spoke to him, then he was leaving and gave me his phone number, Samy. after that I checked out the back room at the bar some, and eventually ended up on a couch in the lounge area making out and talking in spanish to this guy from barcelona named Josue. while my friend spoke to a parisian boy named arther....
we got home at 330am... UGH by the time we checked our emails and talked about the night and everything, we were asleep even later and not up until 12 today!!! that sucked because the morning was gone.
Friday, today, we went to the ARch de Triumph, and then walked down champs elysses street, shopping and seeing it all, making our way to the louvre, then getting back to the chatelet area for some shopping ( i wanted to by the same pair of 10 euro pair of khakis that H. found the day before from this boutique), and then this dept store full of shweet brands, . next dinner, and now we are back at hotel resting up for about an hour or so until hitting the bars again tonight.... they have bars here, clubs, and then somehting called sex clubs which is a bar with a bunch of halls and rooms, and then they have sauna's. so we are undecided and probably jsut doing the bar thing again tonight...
btw in other news I heard from my former school in central america where I'm going next month and they asked if I'd sub a 7th and 10 grade English while there. How can I say no, I'm excited to be put to work while I'm down there until thanksgiving.
todays purchases; a lacoste polo, long sleeve button up, and then from MEXX a long sleeve button up which fitted and f ing shweet, and then a brown vneck super thing sweater also f ing HOT. and some nike gym shorts at nike store. and a benetoon shoulder bag.. so gay I know.
tomorrow we are planning to hit eiffel tower and the musee d'orsay. IT's been a blast having H to run around the city with and share all the experiences with, we are both the same checking out every cute guy going by, and running into shops we want to and forgetting what time and what we planned. ha

la playa de barcelona

I took these pics on the beach last mon and tues. If there are these guys out there in october, then I can only imagine a full beach in the summer. whoah! going to have to try and get back there someday serious.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

real hotel tomorrow , wow

yeah I"m back at the hostel in london, which isn't bad really, i mean 10 pounds a night and you can't expect too much, but I like it here serious. just watching a "kings of Leon" video on the the top ten videos on tv, apparently KOL are big in the UK, which is shweet! since they are from okc. ha..anyway
tomorrow morning I'll be up at 6am on my way to the train station. catch a train to london 730am... zzzzzzzzzzzon the train.
last night was up late talking to this gorgeious cute sweden boy with dark brown hair and small dark eyes and cheek bones with a smile you want to just kiss off..... we talkd for about an hour about the usual swedes compared to US stuff. ha.. ahh patric... you sweet kid.
was up early and made my plane to london, went to the DOver Street Market and bought the Monocle cologne i had in mind, (from my magazine fetish). and then met some former students from honduras and had some cider at a pub. then went shopping at Muji, and then SWEATBOX baby! I'll post about it later, but it was good clean fun, an american actually 6'3 and 27, CUTE and hot and named matt a phtographer from NY who travels a LOT.. etc we had a really good talk about how I HAVE to get out of okc and try being gay in another city, he said I have to do, no one is going to make me do it, I have to do it NOW. man that was a serious conversation. great guy... all right crashing now....thanks for reading and keeping up with the journeys.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Sunday, October 19, 2008

sunday night....

for anyone reading and keeping track.....finished off the weekend here in barcelona tonight....I´ve had quite enough of clubbing. sometimes you sit there and wonder if it´s just a bunch of drug addicts and smokers. but then there are some hot in shape guys, but they are smoking too... that´s europe for ya i guess.
so tonight went to a club that´s big on sunday´s , a guy had given me a pass to get in so I started there. then went to the same club from friday night and met a brazilian guy, he just came up to me when i had turned a corner and said hey and then come to the bathroom with me, we stood in a stall, made out, compared etc, and he invited me to his home. but nah....
and then met a guy from sweden with a hot little bod, so smooth and tight.... who was drinking a lot and was in a corner with me making out and groping lots, asked me to his place but nah......
I dunno, I feel weird that i´m not going to live up to expectations if I go home with a guy, and also I don´t feel safe doing that over seas anyway. etc etc blah.
back to the vacation, i had a BLAST today, walked all day around, first the park Guell, then down south of the city to the beach, all up and down, even the gay beach and some nude guys on a beach (not much to talk about I was there late and it´s october.) but the people everywhere, jsut amazing and all the sailboats and guys on the beach etc etc.. a blast. walked all day,
so I HAD to check out a sauna near my place here. just to relax and all. I have no idea what I´m doing in the sauna´s , the signals or whatever are completely different. so I got to just stare down some guys, and then the showers, oh man!!! hot hot guys all around coming and going, apparently sunday is THE day.