Saturday, October 18, 2008

2nd night...

well i should have gone to some bars for drinks, but instead I slept from 11pm to 1am and then woke up and went to a club. it was slow but started filling up and I was approached by different guys. one of them a belgium and UK guy , and the belgium just wouldn´t take no.
eventually, another water, another beer, and then there was hot dude from argentina...
make out make out etc... then coming home now at 430 am after a few wrong turns coming home but all the streets are full of people with lines still at some clubs.
today went walking all around the main streets with a former student and then ate at a nice restaraunt on the pier, fish paeolla, and then more walking, met her friend in town , and coincidentally he is from senegalese. also gay and model. so that made the rest of the day interesting. he was tall and goodlooking i must say, he was showing us his different walks (because I asked) and it was funny how he butched up all of a sudden with his walk and expression. we visited an artist friend of theirs in the city who had some new paintings in his house he was getting ready for a show in Shanghai, and then we went to dinner at a taparia (sp?). AWESOME food, tapas so good.



all right, FINALLY a city where there is a huge scene and the men are out at the clubs! i had the best time last night, just walking around this one club here, bunch of dark haired guys every shape size and age and getting lots of good vibes. and the winner is.........Ivan de cuba. f-ing gorgeous huge muscled guy with a slight goatee, some tats coming up out of his collar on both sides of his neck, some on his arm underneath his tight muscle t. huge guy not tall as me but perfect size for mugging on i the hallway. which is all i did by the way, mostly. I like the way you can just make out with a guy, feel up inside each others shirts and-or pants and it doesn´t have to go any further. I guess I like the way its safe since no one has a place to go. ha. I´m staying at a hostel and it´s RIGHT in the middle of downtown near ALLthe clubs and such. whoah. well anyhow. it´s raining today, but i´m just glad to be here regardless. yesterday was crazy, i left dakar at 11pm, stuckover in paris airport for a coule hours, got back to london by 10, and then dumped my bags off at a hostel there while I shopped around covent garden for some black shoes. also there is MUJI store there, for any london readers GO check out that store. it is SHWEET!!! ( I can´t imagine any gay guy not being impressed by something of good desgin in that stores, although the clothes were sort of a bit asian style maybe).
was back at the hostel by 230pm and on my way to the airport, got into barcelona at 8pm and to the hostel here by 930pm, relaxed back and then went out and checked out the streets and clubs here, got home at 4 am felt like the walking dead! but slept in late this for my weekend in barcelona............

Thursday, October 16, 2008

end of phase two....last days in africa

been another good week in senegal, other than the corrupt cop that pulled us over downtown for no reason yesterday other than wanting to charge us a skin tax! my bud A. went with him to the police station about the ticket, and the station made him pay nothing of course, the walk there the cop was asking for money but A. said, "nah I'm a Christian and I want to do what's right, I did nothing wrong so either I'll pay a fine or ask why I'm fined for doing nothing wrong etc.." so anyway, got out of it but what a pain of killing time downtown.

today! went walking out on some rock cliffs today with the family I'm visiting here, and me and my bud dove in the water off the rocks. was a blast, although somewhat tricky waiting for the waves to push us high enough to grab hold of the rocks and pull up out of the water without stepping on any urchins along the edge of the water.... refreshing stuff. also it's been a bit cooler in the morning which is nice, although it's like 90 F when we go to bed at night..... well my last day today, I'm on a plane tonight at 11pm heading back to europe and sleeping on the plane, switch at paris then on to london, where I'll be leaving my luggage at a hostel while I go get lunch, then back to the hostel, leave half my stuff in a locker and then back to the airport tomorrow afternoon for the flight to barcelona. taxing stuff, but worth it once you reach the destination. the place I'm staying at in barcelona is VERY central to some fun places, but I'm not going out too much at night although I do want to see some hot latins, because there is tons I want to see of barcelona during the day!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Monday, October 13, 2008

gay now

vacation pics


I've been having a great time in senegal. I could easily live the missionary life, but not without the usual I wife and kids. I've done some serious thinking while traveling around the last weeks. what I want when I get back to OKC and how I want to pursue my future from this point on. I'm having an aweomse time here in africa, and I am REALLY looking forward to next weekend in barcelona, but I'm also a little homesick after only getting back to the states for 2 weeks before starting my journeying again.

I met a latin guy in okc who came over a few times, and we went out a few times, but he was coming on really strong, like talking about boyfriend material and all stuff we could do hanging out together etc and it threw me way off. I've just never considered having a bf for real for real, and if I did consider it I don't think he's the one, so I'll have to tell him somehow loud and clear when I get back. although blowing him off altogether is looking really attractive now, I guess I'll have to man up and do the whole confrontation speech of just wanting a FRIEND only... ugh.

it's weird I can't picture myself with a bf, and still dream of a wife and kids, but alas not sure how either one is going to be possible. but I know there's an interesting future in there somewhere, I trust God enough to provide something once I get back to real life after Novemeber back in OKC.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

big or slim?

which one ya like? or both?