Saturday, October 11, 2008


hello from's been an awesome week, basically on the schedule of my hosts here, picking up the kid from school, running errands for the compound they manage here etc..
today was shweet... went to the beach all morning, burnt the top of my feet pretty good but otherwise was a blast, swam quite a few times in and out of the waves while my bud was surfing waves way out and his wife played w the kids. then we sat under an umbrella on the beach taking lots of pics and guys coming up to sell stuff, then walked the rock pools along the coast for a while. the people are beautiful here, guys and gals so dark and tall. tomorrow we'll go to a church in town, then shopping at an artisans village, ya know, baskets and wooden stuff etc etc..

Friday, October 10, 2008

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

some pictures from london

hopefully you can see , I come up off the holcomb tube stop and walking, and suddenly these two guys walk around the corner and stop and just kiss! i took a quick shot, ha. the last pic is of Inamo restaurant where you order the food and everything from the mousepad and screen shining down on the table, you can change the color and picture on the table, watch the cook in back, order your bill etc. everything from the computer at the table. was pretty cool

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

it was nice getin gon the plane in france for senegal and grabbing a USA today paper with the headlines "OU moves to number one in ranking" on the cover... sweet!
hello from africa, it's HOT here, but not bad for a little beach community. hacked down some weeds to make a trail today with my buddy who lives here with his wife and kids, and then we went for a cool of in the ocean ust down the road a bit from their house.

now we head to the city for a atm machine and then dinner on me.... 9 more days til spain.

Monday, October 06, 2008

a hostel is no big deal, if you can handle a room with other people in it, mostly euro travelers, and cheap , only 10-15 pounds a night. which now that i think about it is actually 20-30 dollars. ha
ahh well, still not bad, and everyone here is super friendly, and actually some sexy hot guys from poland and australia in my room, and some not so sexy.
anyway, you can't beat the free breakfast and wireless. all is good. I'll leave my stuff here, come back later on my way to the hotel. and over all a great stay at dover street hostel. right next to the borough tube stop, i guess I'd recomend the place I'll be staying here my next stopover in london in a few weeks.

so little time...

Sunday, October 05, 2008

second night in london...

was all right.
ok I'll admit i went to a sauna this evening and it wasn't half bad, just a good clean healthy mix of guys in there, although I have no idea what the procedures are here for initiating anything,I pretty much watch and looked and caught eyes with some guys, and that was about it, \i was in and out in an hours time, but it was getting all warm and steamy what with the cold wet weather today, ha.
today I walked around picadilly circus and area, went to the royal arts academy exhibit on Miro, braque, and calder.then a bit more of shopping aorund, and then a church service at picadilly theatre. that was aweomse btw. tons of energy in the crowd. next it was back to my friend's place. she's been sick all weekend and it was a hassle having her escort me out of her university housing up and down each time. so I'min a hostel tonight and it's actually an awesome hostel. these people are really nice and friendly and I think I'll sleep fine actually.
oh yeah, last night a lot of fun at box bar and then G.A.Y. bar but I think I should have been at another place as they were all slowing down by 12 am... ahh well next time in london. I'll have a LOT more freedom to search out places in barcelona, if I can stay up that late, i don't think the bars get going until 1 am serious.
later, tomorrow I'm getting up and over to heathrow airport to head for africa next.... IF they have internet I can post, otherwise not until barcelona, and also sorry no pics for a while. ha