Saturday, October 04, 2008

about london

whassup ya'll! i jsut got back from the clubs here in london, well that's not fair just 2, BOX and G A Y club. they were bars, I'm not sure what club I should have gone to for mega action, but i had fun, the BOX had the hottest guys by far all gym worked and looking good, I was alone so had no idea what \Iwas doing, I'mbetter with a wing man, serious! anyway, had a few guys looking me down and one follow me over to the bar and say hi, also some badboys in the restroom there. uncut. anyway, the \G A Y b ar was pretty crowded, mixed crowdandfun over all, had 2 guys talk to me since i had asked about the beer there.\
so I came home at 1230 because the tubes stop at 1230. over all great time here in london. but I'm really looking forward to gay barcelonawhere I'llb e alone the whole time, meaning (my own placeand schedule) and then paris with my gay bud from austin. ( my friend I'm staying with here has no idea bout me, thus the life of the closted.)

hello chaps

I'm in london, at a hostel on Dover street in Borough , for anyone who kows where that is. \i shopped all day today mainly walking around and sightseeing. went to lamb conduit street, covent gardens shopped at a few stores, then to wardour street to make reservations at "Inamo" more about that later. went there for dinner later, and now I'm maybe going out or maybe just going back to my friends place.
more from london later, then africa is next. "cheers"

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I'm yours


here's my stuff all laid out before packing into the one carry-on. ahh yeah.
3 boxers, briefs and shorts for gym, 2 pairs of shoes, sweater, polo shirts, 2 long sleeve button up, 2 short sleeve linen, 3 or 4 tighty t's, 1 pr khaki's, blue jeans, black jeans, socks and sunglasses, and I forgot to put my toothpaste, brush, and hair product in the pic.
next one shows it all in the bag, my laptop in the other bag ( with cameras and books and magazine), and the clothes I'm wearing on the way there...

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

beard 2

good song blur


i hoep to find some cute euro boys like this while traveling nest week. ha

Monday, September 29, 2008

Sunday, September 28, 2008

bjork wanderlust

good night

I'm at my college bud's house in AR sleeping in their kids room tonight, just before bed. we watched Madman episodes 1 and 2 tonight, it seems like a pretty cool show.

I'm up here (burning up in this house, dang turn on the air!) catching up with my married college buddies, tonight a girl I grew up with and her fam, and then tomorrow all day my best friend married bud who took the day off to see me. ahhh

then back to okc tomorrow night to get packed. I'm leaving thursday for Paris, will train up to London, then after 4 days, go to Senegal for 10 days, then back to London for 1 night, then to Barcelona for 4 nights, then Paris for my last 5 days of vacation . and my austin buddy is meeting me in paris , shweet!
then I'll be home for one day before leaving the 29th for Central america where I'll be staying the month of november returning the day before thanksgiving.

you had asked about my tax exemption, yes I'll get a full refund if I stay out of the country for a total of 330 days, thus the long trips. In central america I'm going to volunteer and help out around the missionary school where I taught for 3 years, and also meet up and hang some with my former students who are all now around 21,22 etc...

anyway, that's why I'll be packing very seriously the next 3 days while back in okc. I am taking a personal bag with this new 13" Toshiba laptop, and then one carry on luggage with clothes for the entire trip, including some cold london things and warm africa things, needless to say I have an exact science going of just what to bring. ha also I want to bring the minimal amount because I'll shop while travelling and indeed plan to check in an extra bag on the return home.

ANy suggestions for gay clubs in LONDON? PARIS? or shopping in London... I'm not going to overplan, really just ready to enjoy the time off and out of the war torn middle east, and free from the every day the same barracks way of life.

I had a date last week with this ex army latin guy I met online in okc while I was overseas last spring, we already had a mutual friend.
well we went out to eat, came back to my place and made out and barely kept our clothes on later. lots of fun,
then he brought some wine over the next night and we watched a movie on the couch, and i told him we were going to slow this way way way down. he had been talking of dating and needing a boyfriend, and how great we were for each other etc... and seriously I have to really really get to know a guy as a friend first before it would ever ever ever move to the bf word. anyway, when I get back from traveling I'm going to see if i can just keep it friends only for a bit.
ALso I'm wanting to see this ex- fun buddy in town next week before I leave, he knows i'm in town and is dying to get together, this ex army guy I met years ago, you may remember me mentioning him. there is another ex army guy who is a nurse, you may remmember a post from austin about him, well he's back in okc now and wants to go out sometime, but I've sort of lost interest because he's gained some weight since I met him a few years ago in okc. isn't that awful. i dunno.

so cool