Friday, September 19, 2008

sup from OKC

hey from OKC, I'm back in the states. The roomie is gone, about a month, and left his couch and sofa and computer and some clothes. so i'm getting the place all cleaned up and will be back and forth from storage today getting myself moved back in. ahhyeah!!! then i will go to lowes and change the locks, and then go to his work next week and ask him what the H is up and when's he getting the rest of his stuff..... changing the locks is sort of aggressive I guess. but if i were really nasty I'd have his suburban in the back towed away. but i'm not.
anyway, so it's exciting being back and getting set up etc.
I've been a really good boy and not online looking for any hookups. this is after 9 months!! without!!
i'm too busy now getting settled up and plus I'm on a roll of keeping my dignity and waiting to actually meet a guy I like like.
all right, back to work , this was just an update. I'll try to post some pics of Dubai soon.

Monday, September 15, 2008

naked twice

had a great time in Dubai all day yesterday. I was up early and swimming in the hotel pool which was a first in 9 months.. damn! and then the breakfast buffet, and then hanging out in my hotel room packing up and on the internet and enjoying the tv stations.
I had the hotel driver the rest of the day. he took me to the souk al bahar, and then mall of the emirates, and also a 6 country mall, and drove all around the marina area, also he had this idea of a massage before my flight, and I don't know how I wind up in these situations, but i agreed, and it wasn't exactly a local spa, but instead on the 3rd floor of some biulding and.... there I am lying naked (with a towel in the middle) getting a massage, and the chinese girl says, you want me massage here?. No thanks....
then I got to the airport before my flight and had time shower there and change into some comfortable clean clothes before the flight to here in Paris.
now I'm at the airport waiting for an all day LONG flight back to the US..


Sunday, September 14, 2008

great time...

excellent time here in dubai, just a quick post.
Ramadan means the malls open from 7pm til midnight. I went shopping last night.
and there I am first of all trying to take 75% off of the price of 520 dirhams because of the discount, and then trying to think ok what is that in dollars? bought some GREAT stuff and today will sight see more, the beach, and the mall of the emirates....

have YOU seen anything like this before.....

now that's entertainment, no?