Saturday, September 13, 2008

Friday, September 12, 2008


I'm not... but I did go out here on base last night and had a heckuva good time. This staff seargent friend of mine invited me to this party, basically a bunch of belgians, french, and random others. a few girls, lots of guys, too many older contracter dudes. but there was wine and beer! I haven't gone out to bars or any drinking since I've been here. so last night and tonight are like the last weekend of college....(I went to a private Christian college) so the last weekend was when everyone didn't care about breaking teh rules so much.
It's funny because there is the same vibe here on base, of where the "cool" people party on the weekend and not get caught drinking, since US forces are not allowed to drink on base, so they have secret parties here and there where they drink anyway. (the more things change the more the stay the same....etc)
so last night was awesome, I didn't find Jeremy , but tonight I'll hit the bars on base and search him out. last night I danced a lot and chatted up an Italian and some other american dude. tonight I'll be drinking much much less, and dancing a whole lot more. last night.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


which would you prefer

to be a part of, I'd go for pic 1.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


ran into jeremy at the gym yesterday, man if you could see the way he smiles and his mouth perks up when speaking french, rather english with this belgium french accent.... so nice, and he's so tall, anyway he said he wanted my email so he can keep in touch and email pictures of his hometowm in belgium that I won't even try to remember how to say or attempt to spell here.
I'm going out to the bars on base the next 3 nights since I'm done with work and am just waiting for my Sunday exit. there was a great article about the mission I've been part of here from the sep 9 wall st journ here.
I can't wait to get to dubai, much less get home and back to my house and see what sort of stuff I shipped already from india and afghanistan all boxed up. i can't believe the 9 months went by so fast. I also really hope I'm not immediately online when I get back to the states looking for men. it's been so long, but I want to hold out and meet someone like date material first. ha.. or maybe not.

also make sure and notice the new posting for Speedy's blog "passing fancy". there is an Excellent post "take the guess work out of making love" about types of gay guys he's dated, for any of you who've had that experience maybe you can relate or not, but at least grin or laugh at his account. nice job blogging, serious.

in bed

Tuesday, September 09, 2008


that's the name of the performer who gave a big concert tonight in "tent 9" on base. She was a little hottie from Latvia who is apparently really big in Latvia ?? hmmm anyway, she has a really cute figure enormous breast and stark blond long straight hair. man I've been on this base too long away from normal looking women, cause she was looking really good. ha

actually I'll admit i was also checking out Jeremy the whole time during the concert as well. he was standing with his belgium friends and laughing it up and goofing aroudn and looking so so cute. we crossed paths the other day and he shook my hand instead of the usual "hey", and then I gave him some vocab words at dinner about a week ago. anyway, now if I could jsut figure out how to strike up more conversation, I know we'd be great friends if only I spoke more French!!
ahh well... 4 days here and counting!!!! I'm beyond excited to head out of here, and already plan to sneak a few beers down at the bars on base the next few nights I'm here, so maybe I'll run into big tall J again yet. ha