Saturday, September 06, 2008

Friday, September 05, 2008

sex addict or no...

article from CNN here, in case you're killing too much free time on those XXX-files.....

age old tale....

Thursday, September 04, 2008

been fun...

only 3 days left of teaching, then its all about packing and saying GOODBYE wartorn muslim world....
I got pretty excited yesterday to hear that we get a day in dubai, our plane arrives at 4pm, and then leave the next evening at 1 am. SHWEET, dan will be checking in at sheraton dubai creek, and then heading out to the mall of the emirates. or maybe shop local and then spend all the next morning at the mall of the emirates. ha. undecided. but i defintiely plan to shop and then check out the beach, and then head to airport for dinner and the long A wait for the flight, and lots of people watching of course, then its paris, then georgia for a few days, then okc!
I'm home for 2 weeks then back to europe for vacation. man I hope I can find work when I get home for good end of october. I may be substitute teaching for a while, but i know one things for sure I'm going to do my best to keep up with the GYM time. ha
also good news is my bud in austin is actually booking a flight for paris, SHWEET, can you say wingman? also an ex student may find me a place to stay in Barcelona... it's all about saving on the place to stay. I hope it works out.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


this old spice ad got my attention, pretty funny, I'm not any of these types, but something tells me not every guy out there is built like the way its drawn here. ha


well it's definitely getting closer which is COOL.
I booked a room at the sheraton dubai creek hotel in Dubai which I'll get reimbursed for so that is very exciting, we end up having one full day in Dubai before the plane leave at 1 am the next morning. I am looking all over online to decide just what to do with my day, mostly I plan to shop around, then go to the west side of the creek and hit another mall and possible Jumeriah beach if possible... ah yeah!
I've mailed several boxes home, so far $176 worth. and then we had to send our body armour by DHL to the hotel in GA where we'll be staying briefly. I'm doing some final packing today of stuff I can get out of the way, and then I want to live the next week on just what I'm taking with me in the suitcase. well actually I'll be buying a few more rugs to mail home, I want to try and sell a few on Ebay and take advantage of the us post office here on base for shipping cheaper to the US. I've also been looking at some black diamonds for $350 a karat, as a gift for next mother's day, unless there's some other woman in my life by then... nah j/k.
other good travel news, is my bud in Austin is considering meeting me in Paris next month. That would be AWESOME, my travel plans are still on for October after 2 weeks of getting my house taken care of and everything out of storage and a weekend in ARkansas to see my college buddies there. I'll be going to non stop once I get out of this place. but I thrive on that sort of pace usually, ha.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Sunday, August 31, 2008

weekend memories...

i forget if it was 3 or 4 years ago, and I might have already blogged about it, so bare with me.
This weekend with the hurricane approaching and it being labor day weekend and all, it has me remembering the time I went to Austin the year of Katrina. Austin was PACKED out that year, so I imagine this year Austin would be a FUN place to be as well since everyone is leaving the coast in LA.
I arrive at my buds place that weekend, at the time he was renting a room upstairs in a very huge house belonging to a much older gay man right near downtown . so there were about 8 or more guys hanging out in the kitchen and I'm saying hello and playing it sort of casual and unimpressed (ha). and go upstairs to relax and hang with my bud, later I go downstairs and observe everyone drinking it up, schmoozing the owner of the place, and such. I meet this dark haired guy, latin mix tight black tshirt, great looking, very macho and eventually he says hey and we end up in another part of the house at some point to make out a bit. Next there is this guy named Roger who came with 3 other dude all detoured from New orleans. Roger is brown haired MUSCLED up guy with a slight elvis look to his face. HOT. I get him curious by not hanging all over 'em like a bunch of the twinky gay dudes there, and eventually we chat up a bit and we're in some other room of the house at some point and making out and feeling each other up. I am later walking into the restroom as the first guy is coming out, and he follows me back in, we show off a bit and more while in there and he invites me to take a drive with him to the store, maybe stop by at his place. by this time I've got the word he's some huge coke supplier dealer, and have no intention of going anywere with him. I kindly say nah, and he leaves on his errand. by the time he gets back much later, I' in the pool and making out with Roger and feel sort of bad when I see the guy notice from the window inside, but I could also care less because of Roger.
I'm ready to crash after the swim and I'm invited to sleep on the hideabed in the study downstairs with Roger versus the dog hairy couch upstairs in my bud's apt. I get back downstairs after a while, by now everyone is gone from the place or retired already for the night. I crawl into bed w/ Roger and say good night and just lay on my side of the bed. I'm fine with either messing around or sleeping, and he's sort of surprised and says, oh you really just wanted to sleep down here instead of the couch huh?.....I'm like nah, it's cool, and cuddle into him some then we are awake for quite a bit after that.
the next morning we mess around some more but while wrestling around in bed his nose starts bleeding and he gets up, and I go ahead and get up and dressed and later am told that he's doing coke all weekend, and I'm the usual naive fool.(what I'm shocked, shocked to find he was also doing drugs that weekend!) without a clue, that of course they were all partying it up the night before, and here I thought it was just a bunch of dudes drinking it up. ahh well.
So that's an account of one of my fun random Austin weekend, for those of you in Austin, hope it's an awesome WEEKEND!