Saturday, August 23, 2008

well it wasn't exactly a year....

I'll be going home around the 18th and that will be about 9 months overall I've been I can't believe only 4 more weekends left. none too soon either, we had another rocket attack THursday night, I was about to go to sleep, lights just out, and then a blast, and then the base sirens went off for us to go to bunkers, which sucked keeping me up a couple hours later than usual. one rocket went off, the other was a dud. they use really old stuff here apparently...
nothing else going on, just shopping for rugs, and souveniers for friends and family.
I'll probably cry onceI have to say goodbye to all the afghan students I've had over this past year.
NEXT step is go home, confront the roomie, get settled back in my place, yard work caught up, and then back to europe for those travel plans before getting bogged down into a job and real life again. ha
I'll have two days in Atlanta on the way back home, any suggestions for things to do in ATlanta... send my way...... or comment on anything, comments ALWAYS a plus.

Friday, August 22, 2008

from craigslist.......

Drunk, mostly straight guy here... - 21 (west campus...)
I'm not out, don't want to be, date girls.... but have tried some things with guys. Wanting someone cool and discreet to help me out today. Pretty picky though so be good looking, in good shape, and able to prove it. Basically, I'm buzzin pretty good at the very least and horny. Who else...?

So what do you think "some things" could be? What do you closet readers consider as "mostly straight" exactly? maybe how I used to try and look at myself, not wanting sex but just wanting to make out and maybe get handsy or some oral action going in. I also wonder how he wants a guy to prove he's in shape... hmmmm... I guess if you're hot and 21 you can definitely be as picky as you'd like.
I hope this guy connects for what he's looking for, but you know it's sort of sad the drunk late night search for guys, we've all been there, maybe?? I had a friend at OU in Norman who would meet all kinds of college guys by going online right after all the bars closed, that was his secret for hot hookups. maybe this guy will eventually branch out and start a blog. I'm waiting, drunk and mostly straight guy, to read all about it.

shirts off guys!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

vicky cristina javier woody

i want to remember this line to say to a person someday; "I'll go to your room but you have to seduce me..."

really looking forward to seeing this movie, anyone seen it yet?
well if you know i was an English major and head over heels for Woody Allen films in college. also foreign films which included a LOT of almodovar movies, which started my following mr. bardem... ahh yeah!
anyway, this movie looks great, Scarlett is the one type of woman I seriously want, beautiful sensual yet never trashy.. REALLY like her.
I think I've mentioned my favorite Allen movies "another woman", "interiors", and "manhattan murder mystery". I haven't been interested in anything in quite a few years because Allen's movies are more dark wicked, bunch of drama and deception.
this movie looks great, and with penelope!! and scarlett!!! and Bardem!!! oh man.

gay magazines, not really....

my folks sent me a few magazines and I got 'em yesterday, including the Aug 4th 08 New Yorker with a really good article about this guy in the army, Alan Rogers, who was gay and when he was killed in Iraq it set off this whole deal about if his sexuality should have been included in the eulogy etc etc, and there was some sort of conflict on his Wikipedia page and someone trying to cover up the gay part. The story more or less is also about the issue of don't ask don't tell and how it's dated, and no one cares anymore and how it could get repealed....??
ED. the article "A Soldier's Legacy" is online here....
Details magazine was also in the mix with Shia Lebouf on the front, and has anyone else noticed how gay friendly the magazine has become. This issue has coverage of the Manhunt competition of world's most beautiful man... or something like that. and then a REALLY interesting article "what if you only thought you were gay?", about guys who were living a gay life but then decided they weren't gay but straight. A few guys who were messing with dudes for one reason or nother and then were fantasizing about sex with girls and then branched out and discovered they were straight after all, anyway, weird story. but the reason i say that about Details magazine is cause there was another issue with a story about gay dads and then they have these pics in the back sometimes of guys asking if they are gay or not by looking at their clothes...
AND if anyone else reads Wallpaper, the June issue was BORING, I was reading it thinking isn't this all the same stuff I've seen in my dwell magazines, and the worst was the bandwagon "living green" articles. I jsut usually expect a lot more I guess June was a slow month at Wallpaper.

I jsut finished watching "Gigantic; the tale of two Johns". It's a documentary about They Might Be Giants. Who else out there loves this band? I am re-watching a few dvds before mailing them back home, maybe I'll post a list of the weirdo selection I have here with me on base. so in honor of TMBG;

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

gymspiration... keep going

number one gets my vote for the hottest nipples... ahh yeah

hello jeremy....

went to the czech bar on base with a couple of tech seargents the other night and watched 'em play foozball with a couple of Luxemburgers and then Belgians. the Luxemburgers; well, one guy I've met a few times before, blond sort of an extremely cool euro version of tom cruise, and then the other guy was taller with dark hair and quieter but so cute, he is being trained to take over for the other guy in oct. They are awesome, but the tom c guy only likes to straight-boy-flirt with one of the tech seargents because he's mexican american, and I have a theory that some white euro boys have a fascination with mexican americans ( for example i have a latino bud in the army in Germany who CLEANS UP at straight bars with drunk boys ...but anyway....) that was Sunday night, then on Monday we were off all day, and I had a late lunch. This guy I've seen at the gym before sits at my completely empty table in the mess hall and sits across from me two seats down. I say nothing, and keep eating and reading my book. then eventually sort of catch his eye and say hey, then I eat some more, and eventually I dive into conversation. beginning with "do you speak English?" I haven't jsut seen this guy at the gym before but have WATCHED him cause he's TALL, brown haired, and a face like chris klein.....mmmm, and he's like one of those tall hot guys that has a bit of a quiet shy look on his face, you know the type of guy that hasn't ever learned to embrace his height and has a bit of a complex? does that make sense? I love talking to that type of guy. there are some HOT guys like that wanting to be talked to because everyone else is too scared to. (It was the same in college with the hottest girls no one would talk to, but you start a conversation with and they are actually nice most of the time.)
so ANYWAY, his English is limited but I'm an esl teacher so we wonderfully make due. He has a very nice little accent, and we discuss his job in security and Belgium and the usual language discussion etc.... he has an ever so slight lisp but it didn't bother me, part of the accent. Have you ever met a super hot dutch guy, but when he speaks English there is this sort of dorky sounding 'der 'der accent that sort of takes away from the hotness level competely? I'm serious, that drives me crazy.
So I speak to Jeremy and we struggle through, and talk about the rocket attack, and Belgium, and his job and etc etc... i loved it just because. So eventually he asks me if I have any vocabulary lists, perhaps English/French... and I said no but I'd look at work. so I'm excited, a project! ha, i've already printed up some vocab lists from 5 of our mid level books and will keep it in the bag I carry to gymn and back for when i run into him again....
so this is not an exciting story at all, but hey it's all I got to go on these days. jsut a month left!

Monday, August 18, 2008

take it off and get outdoors....

Embedding disabled by request

i wanted to post this video youtube clip but instead I'll just put a link;
it's a song called Happy, by the Navigators. it's the sort of thing stand up move forward blog would post. "I'm happy cause I know that I'm me myself and I'm free......."
I've been thinking a lot about getting back home in a few months and I'm developing a theory of my "3rd life". I want to somehow make it different than when I left, without getting into the same old routines of work and family and gym and always alone. So I'm goin to start giving it some thoughts about goals and directions and all that for when I get back to good ole okc.
I doubt it means coming out or anything, in fact this could be the closet blog that doesn't plan on coming out ever, but be patient, ya never know.
oh yeah, my "2nd life" would be the one after college when I left to teach in Central America and then returned to okc and bought a house, taught public school, and got my masters degree.
no telling what might be next. hope all had a good weekend. I was off all day today for one of the Independence days here, this one was from England.

go muscler....

so, to fellow readers of OVERNIGHTinNY (which is really about a guy with a day job in Boston. ha ha, j/k JP), anyway, if have enjoyed reading jp's posts about picking up "straight" boys at bars and getting to mug on 'em once in a while... well there's a pretty good post at the muscler's blog, about his weekend in Ibiza and a little cuddling he got in with a "straight" boy at the party. ahh yeah, go check it out and leave some comment love. ha