Friday, August 15, 2008

weekends over...

I'm sitting here typing after a pretty good weekend, our week starts back tomorrow morning on Saturday.... I stayed in most of this morning and chilled and chatted some on the internet and surfed a LOT around different sites. i came across the Paul Donahoe news story on the gay athlete blog (link at right). and then researched to read more about it and see pics. Regardless of the school's actions, i have to say people really have to consider what choices they make and what ipact that is going to have forever when it comes to the internet. anyway,..... I decided that paul was definitely the best linking of the two, and then i decided if he's only 125 lb then not much my type no matter what site he's on. ha.
oh yeah, I want to blog about the rocket attack yesterday morning since I can't on my personal blog, cause I don't want to concern my family. at about a quarter til 5 am, we were all waken up by knocks on the door as they walked up and down the halls telling us rocket attack, get in your gear and downstairs (downstairs is our bunker point, although the safety compared to the actuall bunkers on base has been argued). So anyway, I got up and through on the day before's pants and some shoes and then my body armour on over my tshirt I sleep in, put on the helmet and grabbed a few magazines and went downstairs. Some guys had heard the rocket blasts, but most had been asleep. we sat around, as usual for 2 hours waiting until the base gets the accountability and gives the all clear.
there were three hits, one on the east gate, and two on the other side of the base near the gate, although one of them was a dud. no one was harmed so that's good news. although we had to take a different route into school thursday morning for our halfday of work.
THis morning started off much better, I had lunch with some buds I'm always hanging with here, and then we went to the rug store on base and bought some rugs, and spent an hour and a half talking to this guy and getting the price down.. ha and then tonight we went to a thai restaurant on base, and then laster tonight i went to my first party on base, a barbecue some belgiums were having. lots of fun, and I sat next to a guy talking all about languages and belgium and where he's been and travelling etc... very nice time.
oh and one of the belgiums at the party told me the rocket attack was really 2 RPG's and how they could have gone anywhere in our compound, so thankfully there all went out near the gate and not any barracks. ughhhhhhh. so glad I'm out in a month. but not without some nice rugs first. I am buying a few extra to sell when I get back to the states just to see if I can make a profit.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

swim swim

homosexuality and religion today on OUTCAST

Austin's only queer public radio broadcast called OUTCAST had a program last Sunday discussing those in the gay community who may be trying to reconcile their lifestyle and religion. and the perceptions that religious and lgbt groups have of each other. It was a good discussion on the conflict some have being raised part of one culture and then coming out and being part of a completely different culture. Can one in the gay community be part of both?
Check out the podcast if interested at OUTCAST'S website here.


Monday, August 11, 2008

straight guys in gay porn... yeah right.....

I think it's a good subject for all us bloggers to bring up every now and then. What is the deal with the fascination of straight guys, and what's the point of gay bars if everyone there just wants a straight type dude anyway. I don't even know what that means.
I have enough experience, while although I'm all closeted to family and most friends, of going out to gay bars. When I first began searching on the internet, and I think a lot of gay guys, closet or no, go through that stage, I would meet guys online and we would both go on about how straight acting and discreet we were etc etc blah blah blah. Has anyone else experienced this, and I know you have, that you meet some guy and then a month later, there he is at the gay bar drinking it up, and btw, neither of you really have gf like you said or "never" go to gay bars since there you both are at one. ha I'm not saying this is every guy online, but it is interesting that gay guys play the whole game just to meet someone. and of course online ain't the best place to meet someone anyway, in okc it's called a "hookup" not much of a date.
Anyway, this post is about all the "straight" guys in online porn, like sean cody or randy blue, or other many sites which post guys paid to mess around with another guy, sometimes one is gay and the other had "been with guys" or not.... I lost interest in those sites long ago because i feel dumb watching gay guys jsut having sex, ( I'm more into situations or the hunt than just 2 guys nude on a bed going at it). IF you read Spanish, here is a link to an article in Spanish, about the phenomenom including discussion on the huge lucrative industry of advertising to gays about "str8 guys getting it on....." etc...

turkish wrestling ....

Click on the pic to check out the post on a new website, . I received an email announcing the new site and it's pretty nice with categories and pics etc etc..
I went ahead and borrowed this pic from a post they had on turkish wrestling, which also links to the photographer's flickr webpage. just check out a few pics, and then can't you see why I can't wait to get back to Turkey and check out a lot more of that country. ahh yeah......also they are keeping up with some great olympic coverage which I am pretty sure any reader would also appreciate the pics going up.