Thursday, June 26, 2008

cancer stats among gay community...

excellent radio program last weekend on OUTCAST of Austin, which is a public radio broadcast there on Sundays at 630pm. last weekend they discussed the increase risk of cancer among the gay community which has higher use of smoking and alcohol. it also mentioned the higher risk of human papoloma virus among gay men who should have an anal smear like women have papsmears.
the second interview had some good discussion on the new young gay community with HIV infection on the rise, and what can be done to inform ALL communities about the risks of HIV.
check it out at the website or subscribe to the podcasts.

pose for me....

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freedom again.....

a few weeks ago we were told not to leave base anymore, because of the prison break in kandahar. that means we can only go to other bases with armored convoys which is what I did last weekend. apparently there was an iminent threat, and we had been told through intel that the taliban had been planning attacks where they use 3 vehicles, the first one to blow up the gate entry, the second to blow up the soldiers at the gate, and the third to come into base with guys to shoot and throw grenades as much as possible before being killed.
well anyway, that was the story we all had in our heads until this week, when we got briefed that there had been a massive clean up in kandahar of all the villages near the prison etc etc and so now we were allowed to return to previous ops, so I can get off base again in other words. ahh yeah! not that I have any place to go but it's nice to have the option.
nothing really new here or I'd post more, same work, mess hall, gym time. gym time is going swimmingly well. I have 3 months left here and am consulting an accountant back home about going home early before 330 days, because i heard my tax exemption might be prorated.
there is a hot new afghan guy working the desk at the gym lately but too dang young, but he's got the darkest deep set eyes, great face, black eyebrows and tight body.. ah yeah... I like chatting him up a bit while signing in and out. I have to get back to the states SOON. ha


hot and sounds a bit like elvis, no?

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


doesn't he sort of look like chris klein in the face in the first pic...but like a harrier macho version. ha

Sunday, June 22, 2008

I got some mail from home today which included this tshirt. and I love it already, something about working out at the

gym that makes a size medium t fit just right. mmmm also the June Monocle magazine that I missed, pinwheel cookies and some other random mail. ahh yeahhhh

faceless craigs, they're out there.....