Saturday, June 14, 2008

Monday, June 09, 2008

Dan's favorites

I grew up reading and memorizing all about freshwater tropical fish. I had an aqaurium and a few books and was fascinated to read about breeding strains of guppies and about how all the different aquarium fish reproduced, egglayers, nestbuilders, livebearers. etc... cichlids, poecilidae, adipose fins, scientific names with latin words like striatus or labio etc... as a kid that fascinated me.

well anyway, even when I go fishing I like to look at the make-up of the fish, like its scales or fins and former injuries. ha. all this to say I still like fish, and will occasionaly do an ebay search for fish stamps or prints.

anyone else have an aquarium as a kid, or like freshwater fish? I bought these prints on ebay last week cause I sort of have this thing about outdoor shots or prints of fish. well anyway I got this idea of someday having fish prints up on the wall in some room (a son's room would be perfect). or bathroom, or maybe a kitchen with fish prints all around the room or walls... etc

these pictures are from 1907 and show bait fish.