Wednesday, April 09, 2008

weekend here again.....

what are weekends like in kabul, well for one things, they start on Thursday after lunch because we go in and "plan" on Thursday mornings at the school, and then we are off all day Friday for holy day and then start back up on Saturday.
Unless like today the general calls a 3 o clock meeting with the staff of the school. in which case your afternoon is sort of screwed, cause after lunch you just wait for the meeting, and while sitting in the meeting saying nothing, you hope it won't last more than an hour so that your usual gymtime won't be interupted. ha
so that's what I got planned today, I was going to taxi over to the Indian embassy but now I'll have to wait a week ro maybe try after school someday this next week. I can't buy my plane ticket to Delhi until I know for sure I have the visa from the consulate here. (India now requires that you arrive with a visa or they'll send you back from what I've read online). Im pumped for the trip though. on the official countdown, only 6 months left here since our contract is over endof Sep. although I may try to extend and teach here a month or two more, depending on what travel plans I come up with at the end. I am saving money here even though I get to travel some, i have 0 expenses on base. but I have to stay gone from the us for a year to get my tax exemption .


Monday, April 07, 2008

summers coming....................


life on base etc...

things on base going well. I got a few buds to sit with at meals now. usually dinner a major, captain, and a tech seargent. very cool guys. the major possibly gay but I'd never be interested in him, not my type, but super great guy.
anyway, have a I menioned how great the gym is these days? we were down to 2 treadmills and 2 eliptical machines and last week some euro servicemen came and fixed all the machines and laid down new tracks on 'em. etc... but what makes it great is all the belgium paratroopers on base now. just so much to see and watch at the gym. the strangest thing I've seen so far is the hot muscly belgian dude shaking hands with another big muscle guy at the gym and leaning in for a cheek kiss. ha ha, now there's something you just don't see guys do in the states.
I see the Italians and Belgians do that all the time at the mess hall, this was a gym first.
well we definitely have the first week of May off work, the last part of april. so now I'm trying to figure out how to get to the Indian embassy off base to get a travel visa before I buy any plane tickets. man what a project.
big big surprise in the showers a while back, some new guy, dark haired tall dude, suddenly drops trous to get in the shower and dang if it wasn't huge and thick. and this was all soft and shrunk up. man got me to thinking, as in next time I'll be saying so hello how are you, my name is.... next time I see this guy in the hall or on base. ha, he just got a new fan.
teaching at my job here on the afgghan base is going reall well, after the vacation I've felt pretty wonderful about everything at work. I guess since I've had the chance to travel and stuff that has motivated me to keep up with the work here thats paying for it.
thanks btw for the suggestion on Greece. that site was HOT, and I'm definitely going to try and plan a visit there maybe this summer next time we get free from work.