Friday, April 04, 2008

on the

American contractor fails to save cash, spends on trips to dubai....

well the above is not true, but I have been online while off work today and have contacted back and forth quite a few guys in dubai. and they are flipping sweet and hot. dang.
I have to get back to dubai. dang the hotel prices there though, but i WILL get back to dubai, next time I fly that direction I'm definitely planning a thursday night stay in town. oh yeah. i plan to check out the all male beach, meet a few guys in the city possibly, and then also I've been pointed to one bar in one hotel in town, but everyone says is difficult to get in without a girl ( many bars have this rule in Dubai, go figure) maybe since I'm American I can bs my way inside the bar, although i got to say, in Dubai, you suddenly feel it's one of the places in the world where no one cares if you are from America and everyone else is probably richer than you'll ever be. ha! well the guys that are actually from UAE anyway.

if you're wondering what's in my travel plans next, and how can I possibly just maybe get a bit of physcial contact with the same sex, well I'm going Indian. we have a week off in May and I am currently researching everything I can find online about Delhi and where to go and what to do, including chatting online with guys in Delhi. its underground there too, just my luck.
I'm really going to see India, the culture country, etc and the Taj majal. and the only other thing on my list is maybe a train ride somewhere, and the Nehru exhibited created by Charles and Ray Eames which is in Delhi.
round trips from here are only $377 and I know I can find a hotel way less expensive that Dubai. (round trip to dubai is $490 from here)

Thursday, April 03, 2008

chesty boys

torch song......

this song is pretty catchy as sad songs go, the girl really belts it, but at the gym the other day, i couldn't help notice this video, it's rare you see some new gimmick and this one is pretty clever dancing around while horizontal. cool visual trick.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

pics from the trip....

rock on

what i saw while travelling............

not sure what all i mentioned about the trip,
I thought I'd talk about the guys i saw since I'm not sure who else i'd say anything to.
in Romania i felt pretty tall at 6'1 for some reason, and everyone very dark haired and well Romanian looking, i fort of generlized everyone into if they looked like nadia c. or not. ha and then i would notice guys who were short and stocky like gymnast types. I can't say much for the looks of the people although at the nicer restaurants and now and then in the city there were some very beautiful men with short noses, nice dark eyebrows, straight black hair, etc..
in tukey,
first of all, I swear the guys looked like they had some pretty nice big bulges, all them dark haired healthy turks on the streets. man i wish I'd had time for some clubs or bars, or had my laptop with me, definitely fun to be had in istanbul. I did go for a massage at this turkish bath, very historical, i paid for full treatment of body wash, rub, then foam bath, and then massage, it was awesome, basically you are in one large room with a lot of other tourists in their towells and a big circle marble slab in the middle, dome roof above, turks in blue towells, and everyone sitting or getting the rub down treatment. there were some college boys in there and some spanish boys while i was there, but nobody "looking" or anything,all good though, I felt so relaxed and the dude actually walked on my back and but back and forth at one point.
I've read online since and apparently later at night it might be cruisy but ahh well, i enjoyed it.
I had paid for a guide all day the next day, 100 euro, and well worth it , he knew everything and more about all the buildings all over the city every part!the nicest guy in the world, albeit a bit fem and strange looking in appearance but so cool. I learned about the history of the dome and arch and sophia church, turned mosque, now museum. also and underground cistern with greek columns supporting it and a medusa head under one from a greek temple. etc.. all that
Dubai, brown skinned men all over, the dubai men are beautiful, big eyes wide smiles, nice. and then overall the whole city is full of men working and constructing from all over asia, i spoke to some from India, bangladesh, pakistan, egypt, etc etc etc... oh and a hot hot strudy dark haired lebanese guy in line at the airport coming back to kabbulll like me. mmmmhmmm.
no fun this trip, sorry no hot stories, but I did have this guy give me his card at the dubai airport, and i read later online how guys do this in dubai to meet girls. I've also researched about an all male beach in Dubai, will let you know when I find that one!
back to hitting the gym here and teaching and all that, students all thrilled to see me back etc, and I' just as happy to be back teaching them. ( read I am getting closer each day to November! ha)