Saturday, March 08, 2008

Friday, March 07, 2008

got a ride finally on a convoy to the other base today... ahh yeah. went shopping and bought tons of stuff to mail home to people as gifts. some bedspreads from India and some blankets and some scarves, and some small items from a woman's project craft group... took some pics from the car on the way back.
In other news i called my roomie back home this morning (thursday night for him) and we had a good talk, he said he's up to 195, i told him i'm up to 168 etc etc. anyway he said he had two boxes of my mail to get to me, I told him to get on it! dang that boy is slow.
I really do hope he still lives there when I get back, I want to get to know him better etc. I'm mailing him an afghan wool blanket tomorrow and some money, and some instructinos on things I want him to do outside in the yard. ha

oh last night, my roomie came home late at 2:10 am and woke me up as usual. but get this, 20 minutes later the teacher that lives across the hall is banging on the door, and wants to speak to my roomie, he is PISSED royally andis cussing up a storm in the hall. all about my roomie's friends left him somewhere or something without a ride. I can't figure it out because this base ain't all that big to walk across to go places. anyway I had a hard tiime going back to sleep on and off till 5:00 I finally just got up at 5 am and got online. I'm not seeing as many guys online chatting as I usually do, I guess everyone is busy with spring stuff. ha

new belgian guys on base, huge crew replaced the other and these guys are all paratroopers and big. I already have two favorites at the gym wearing tighty tight shirts, i think one has noticed me but i can never tell. I think he's gay because he wears his uniform sleeves rolled up mr. gym stud. but it's prolly just cause he's full of himself. ha I'm counting days down to Bucharest and am waiting to hear from the consulate about what to do with my 6 month visa in my passport that is single entry.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I'm glad the weekend is here again

we had some good rain pour in this morning, and then stop.
work was good this week. One of the last military teachers finally had to go, so my class went to join another on the same low level, and then I got the mil. guy's class. SO I have a lot of work to catch them up in the book and all that. blah
I am glad the military guy, although a GREAT guy, is leaving. he was really young, I think an E-3 and would sit up front with my roomie in the van, and I think he was the only one who laughted at my stupid roomie's bad adolescent type jokes. My roomie is an older guy almost 40 who is divorced, and I think his wife hurt him bad the way he talks about women as only sex objects. I also think he's trying to deny getting older by all his stupid four letter words and joking around. With the kid gone, maybe he'll man up a bit.
I make a stupid mistake at work! I left this paper of things I had written down about my team leader in an instructor book. We always return our books to storage as we go up a level. well she was looking for a grammar point, looked through the same book, and there was my stupid list.
I made a list a couple weeks ago of things i wanted to either tell our boss, or have a meeting with the team leader about. All the stupid things that should be run more professionally at our school. I don't even remember half of it. ANyway, so she found it, and had told some other teacher, who told my roomie, who told me.....etc etc.
SO now I am either going to just wait and see if any of it sinked into her head, or I will probably just go into her room and say " I heard you found my notes, would you like to discuss any of the points I made?" and confront her straight up so she doesn't feel like she has any upper hand on me by finding the paper. The good thing is there was nothing i wrote that I wouldn't say to her face. So I'm not that torn up about it, but I still should have been a lot more careful with my venting and writing down. I will apologize to her first and say, I'm sorry you found that list before i could come to you directly, and make it sound as if I had planned to come to her directlly with the list. which really maybe not. ha
nothing else going on here in kabul. I'm just counting down the days til my 'spring break" trip to Romania. Hopefully we are getting the new teachers soon before I leave work, otherewise we are short a teacher for real.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

clean your room guys..............

working and planning

can't wait, just two more weeks til I get some freedom off base. ahh yeah
I packed a carry one bag last weekend. I might take a pic just for fun this weekend of the things I'm bringing, 2 jeans, one pants, 3 shoes, and I'm waiting on the weather report for when I'm going for the rest. my workouts are going well, working out or running every day. I'm sleeping at least 8 hours or more each night so i should be rested up for the trip and the travel etc...
I'm excited about my upper body, I started doing incline flies instead of laying flat on my back on the bench, I'm up at about 30 degree angle and it's a huge improvement in my upper chest. thank you capt I. for the tip.