Saturday, March 01, 2008

good news and bad news

salmon dance, chemical brothers---
well good news for pot smokers in the area, Afghanistan farmers are replacing some poppy crops with marijuana because the military won't destroy the pot, but they are destroying the poppy crops. bad news for heroin addicts. I'd have to say it is the ser of two evils though. Apparently the farmers are able to sell the pot to smugglers to surrounding countries without losing as much money to the middle man. although poppy is the major crop still in Afghanistan and still supplying 93 of the world's supply. yuck.

so glad to have the internet here.......

if i were at home I'd be looking for these guys online..... just for chat, of course..... ha

quick update; some very big new belgium guys on base and at the gym..... ahh yeah.

dan's favorite things.....

This is a dark green shirt-jacket I bought several years ago, maybe in college, from a j crew clearance sale either online or from a catalog. I love it and hope I’m wearing it when I’m old and grey. Serious.

This shirt-jacket with its classic basic plain look has served me well spring and fall when you want something layered on top but not too heavy. I don’t know if you can tell in the pic, but is completely just nylon with polyester fill. Just simple good design. Plain black snap buttons, no big brand name printed anywhere. Perfect fit. I can layer it under a coat or over a sweater, or just use as a jacket/windbreaker. When the day starts cold and then warms up and you don’t need a jacket…It’s awesome. I fear ever losing it or sitting too close to a campfire and singeing it on something. Ha

I have it here with me where I'm living now, and it's a comfort

Anyway, so there it is, one of my favorite treasured things. Had it forever and keep a look out for something similar from J Crew but I doubt I’d ever find another one, or now that I’m not a poor college boy, I’d get one in navy and dark charcoal grey.

Friday, February 29, 2008

leg day beginning to take effect.........

i had taken some pics before the gym because i had on my favorite underwear, my boxer briefs from J crew. anyway, i want to post a pic as I continue to work on legs at the gym. it's difficult to increase weight, but I've added more workouts since we got the leg press at the gym. I'm working out intensely now with the vacation coming up, also since I'm going to miss a week of working out while gone, but then thats what vacations are for. ha

I thought about sort of coming out

it's really strange , and I know this will sound pretty dumb, but I while running my usual 4k on the treadmill today, I thought about writing my parents a letter that said;

"look when I return from AFghanistan I don't have any plans on finding a wife and kids ever, so I'd appreciate it if you'd stop bringing up that conversation. Because it really just depresses me and hurts me, so i think this is a good time to confirm that I've decided to remain single and short of an act of God, which you are welcome to continue praying for, I plan to live a pretty satisfying happy productive busy single life from here on out. And i expect you to respect my wishes and accept it and let us move on, you can decide what you want to tell your friends and family members, hopefully this won't cause too much embarassment, and you can still be proud of what I'm doing with my life, and I can stop feeling like I've let you down by not producing the expected family unit. I think this is good time to have this conversation because we're all getting older and it's stupid to just pretend like I'm still looking for a wife, when in fact I'm not. "

anyway, something along those words. it's so bizarre though to try and write such a letter, i mean for real, because of course I'm trying to confront something, but not coming out and saying the G word.. ha ha.. so lame, I know, but bear with me, it was just some thoughts on the treadmill. ( i have many more months here to consider such steps...) scary thoughts of actually approaching the idea at all with my parents. but i would so much love to tell them to stop asking about a wife and that I'll probably never marry or have kids. just get it over with, and tell them to stop torturing me by bringing it up. i love them so much, and I know they love me so I know they wouldn't want to be hurting me by talking about the whole deal.

these are just thoughts. blah. its funny cause i get along so great with my folks, but my dad bringing up a wife or girl at work etc.. jsut makes me lose it, and I never lose it or get angry at anything ever, only thing that really gets me boiling is someone else being made fun of or taken advantage of and I get into angry defending mode immediately for that person etc.. but usually I'm the talker and mediator wanting everyone to avoid anger and fighting etc...

any of you closeted guys consider this type of conversation with the folks ever? i'd like to know. later

Thursday, February 28, 2008

barrack showers........

the showers are right across from the sinks and mirrors, so some guys will dry off showers closed, some just open it , grab the towell and start drying off. depends on the dudes, anyway, usually not a full house, only a few at a time in their any given time, usually before breadfast, dinner ( after gym ), or before bed. I thought somebody might like to see the barracks shower and think up some ideas of some fun in there. ha.

hot with or without a smile..........

wink wink

if one more guys winks at me and smiles I'm going to start feeling like a retarded highschooler again. ha. what I mean by this is, the two Italians at the gym wink and smile and say hello all the time, no big deal they are italian str8 boys, but what about the 2 belgium dudes? one is the hot runner, the way his package is outlined to the left or right when he's on the treadmill, his hairy legs, perfect wiry shoulders, that smile and then what's up with the wink when we catch eyes and nod hello? is it like when your uncle winks after t telling a joke? or like some old man signally he's pulling your leg etc...
well i've been thinking it's some friendly euro gesture, but then there is this new belgium guy on base at the gym actually sort of gay looking with hair fixed a bit too carefully and not my type at all. well anyway, he's winked at me each time we've said hello at the gym, and then passing me walking by yesterday on base. that's what made me think, gee am i giving off some gay signal after all or what...
most likely nothing, but I've decided to chat up the runner and take him up on the offer to see the running plan he said he had on his computer. ( we have had a few discussions about running while in line for treadmills before) Especially since he's gone in a few weeks, what better time to make a move. ha... all talk.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

currently love hearing this song come on the dutch radi ohere.... anyone else like it?

VOICST - everyday i work on the road
(great song, but otherwise just another video with mannequin.... ah well)

ready for the weekend here......

weekend just started. we are doing some sort of certificate awards thing this morning, which might be lame seeing that our leader doesn't know what she's doing... yadda yadda...
I'm going to research whether I can get off base tomorrow or not. there are hourly shuttles from here to HQ but the shuttle was down from there to the other camp. But i heard it was working again. my only other option is a convoy but they are usually gone all day, and I'd rather go, shop, and come back.
I bought a flip video camera online. has anyone seen or used on before? I thought it'd be nice to have on vacation and to use for cheap videos for the internet. I'll let you know how it goes.
I plan on packing my one carry one bag with stuff I want to bring on the trip, sort of practice packing this weekend. yes, I have a lot of free time when off from school. ha

got to hit the gym before break!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

calm week......

nothing going on here this week. work outs are same, I'm teaching up a storm at work. I decided to be a little bit aggressive in letting the team leader know my views on things. I was going to jsut keep silent and watch her run the program into the ground but it was too uncomfortable to do. I expected some other teacher to speak up and say something and that hadn't happened. So now I'm going to be more proactive and I've started getting control of inventory, doing the roll sheets each week, and gaining the trust of the students. I have also been in communication with the DLI rep. I am hoping to be offered a job by DLI in case I have a few months to kill before going back to the USA before my year is up for tax exemption. ok enough of boring stuff......
I'm bummed that a lot of the Italian guys are leaving soon. I'm jsut at the point where I am having conversations with the others guys who work out every day, and running into at the cafeterea and hearing a "ciao" or "bon appetito". now I'll ahve to get to know a whole new crowd, ahh well. same with the Belgiums they are all out this week also. ahh well, thus it is being a long termer here on base.
right now I'm pretty excited about getting out of here for vacation. I'm planning to take one carry on ONLY and not taking my laptop. can't wait to get to Bucharest and just do nothing, read, walk around town, chill and sleep, take some pics all over the city etc...
ran 4k today, will work legs tomorrow.

Monday, February 25, 2008

indoors or outdoors...

booked a flight!............

I'm finally getting out of here in march. bought tickets today to visit my friend and his wife in Bucharest... anyone been there? i doubt it but feel free to advise anything.
first I fly to Dubai, then Istanbul, then Bucharest. I am going to try and get a flight to istanbul a day or two early on the way back to check it out also. we shall see.
this pic is of a gay parade in bucharest, except there were more people marching protest than the parade. just a pic i found online.