Saturday, February 16, 2008


man she looks fine in this video.... "say it to my face"
this video came up on the gym tv yesterday.... ahh yeah..

Friday, February 15, 2008

thanks for the help

working out?

speaking of muscling up at the gym.
I worked out my arms and chest today. great workout, and man I love my biceps after arm day. why is it such and easy muscle to grow? so pretty yet useless and only for show....
I want to say right now, ifyou are working arms and doing more bicep than delts, stop. you have to equal if not more delt workouts! working the back of your arms gives you a better look, bigger looking arms complimenting the biceps and making it look even bigger, NO bicep bubbles on arms only! work the delts! I do dips with a weight on my lap, head bangers, cable pull downs. anything. start now. ha
I've been doing abs every day at the gym, (lots of time here), and one thing i do every night I thought I'd mention. for an extra stretch when you are looking in the mirror at night and standing there, keep your back straight and lean back a bit, then pull forward with your abs. do the same side to side while holding your arms ups next to your chest. just suggestions for anyone interested. I've been eating non stop at the mess hall here, so I'm getting some hard abs but I'll have to stop eating a lot of sweets here and bread as much as i want soon, haha, right now it's about jsut eating and growing. ha.


I was thinking today about how I could just be Euro-gay for a while. It seems the Euros are so damn casual about physical contact and sex. Maybe it's America's Puritanical background that creates such a divide about the whole gay thing in the states. I dont' know, is there a difference? In europe is one grilled about being single or not, or who are they dating or are they married yet? Is there a worldwide obsession with what everyone is doing sexually, or has this only happened in the states, where sex has become more and more part of tv and ads and radio shows. Is it only in the states where we must have everyone immediately labled str8 or gay. Are Euro guys more free to just enjoy what they find guys or gals? Is there a strong religious background force in Australia that causes discrimination to homosexuality, or is it just mans misunderstanding in general? Europe? Asia?
I think I'm going to consider what I do homosexually the same as a speeding ticket. For example what I'm doing against what I've been taught the bible says is wrong, on a smaller scale of whats wrong. Like people who speed, or get fat and eat too much, or lie.. things people do that may be considered sin but no one is protesting or claiming as a lifestyle. is Euro gay just a normal lifestyle, of are there the same over 30 men muscling up at the gym and wearing hollister shirts to a bunch of circuit parties? ha. i hope to find out once I get out of this place sometime. ha ha

boys are made.....

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

thanks for the support guys.....

the last pic my raciest yet, don't worry I plan to keep this site more pg with the pics, but I knew jr goldencrush would love that last pic. I plan to keep this site up and running and back to normal as possible. good week here overall, students are learning what I'm teaching, and the gym is going well, abs everyday is fun, roomie is going out at night at least a few times a week so I get the room alone now and then. everything else ROUTINE , no fun euro hookups on base.... ahh well.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


sorry forgot to undo the privacy restrictions......

sorry for the day off but.......

had a bud from old college days tell me he found my blog and I sort of flipped. had to consider some things and what I wanted to do with this blog apart from deleting it and stopping all together.
We had some disagreement on the whole "being comfortable with who i am" confusion with "oops I thought my blog was anonymous"... totally different things, because he and I already know exactly where we stand sexually. not the point.
anyway so I'm going to continue to blog and I'll try to remain as candid. It's not like there could be 50 other people I know that stumble across my blog. I am getting back to the over 300 hits a day number that I had before I lost my link on Dudetube a long while back.
And I like making the connections with others blog, and I've been pleasantly surprised that I'm not getting a bunch of hate mail "come out already" comments from the blog, but instead just welcoming fellow bloggers accepting of me doing whatever on my own time. I love that part of it.
so the blog goes on. No news at the gym, but i have some stuff to share about conversaions with my students and the observations I've been trying to make about the Americans i'm working with. good week to all.

and so it goes...............

Sunday, February 10, 2008

you can thank me later, or comment now... ha

well i have to say thank you first of all to jim at kiss 108 for posting this site;
awesome awesome site , right in line with my favorite style of pics. (tally you'll love it).
I had the choice of either, rip off the pics and post on my site, or just link to it! ha
so I'm linking to it, although I have to say a few of pics I've already posted before.
some hot fun , check it out, and tell me what ya think.