Saturday, February 02, 2008

Friday, February 01, 2008


went to another base today. was a blast. took a convoy over after lunch and came back after dinner.
was a bit cold walking aroung the US base all day, but i got some great stuff at the market, some scarves for mom, and this metal bird thing sort of like the owl in clash of the titans, the head comes up like a lid. I'd show a picture but I DROPPED MY CAMERA on base today! i think its' permantly broken, but i'M GOING TO WORK ON IT. i think if i bend the lens casing back a bit into a round shape the lens will return inside and maybe it will work. I DUNNO sucks cause i LOVE the canon SD600 model so much than the newer ones. it's just so cool all silver and sqare etc.... anyway, I already bought another camera on base at the store, its a SONY DSC-W80 and was just $225. I'm going to use that until I see if i can get mine to work, and if not then I'll send it home to my roomie to use, after I replace my canon via internet. the reason I replaced my camera so soon, is I am trying to do this project where I let my students take my camera and take pics of Kabul for me since I can't get out to places like they do. Won't that be cool if it works? anyway, so I'll get the SONY up and running and hand out.
and the base, SO MANY AMERICAN guys on that base to LOOK at... oh man, and some look back and will say hey or hi in passing, I guess to be nice. oh man it was fun all I'm saying.
ate some GREAT food at teh mess hall there, was a nice change, I bought some chocolate muffins at the coffee shop and they just got out of the oven, so after dinner I got some Bell ice cream and put chocolate muffins on top of it and ate them together. so good.
ANYWAY, at market, I also bought the movie CLOVERFIELD.. ha ha, for $2. I couldnt' believe they had it. of course it's ripped off crap, but it works alright on my laptop, so I think I'll watch it tomorrow night or when I get the time to do so.
the British here are all in charge of transporting, so they give us a briefing on what route we take throught the city to the other base, and tell us how to use the call radio and what number to give and the word of the week etc.. very exciting, also got to wear my body armour on the way and back.
so now home late and hitting the sack. hope all have a good weekend.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

"Lucky" by gabrielle bell

received this book in the mail from Amazon. It's a graphic novel. If anyone appreciates the genre, check it out. Really funny dry humor, loved every page and laughed out loud a few times. great great read. already ordered another book from amazon and can't wait.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

big buddy love....

when a friend is a porn star.............

i came across a video online last week, and there was an old friend, C, getting f=ed by and sucking down 2 hot bigger dudes, no protection. he looked strange. by that i mean, he's very very cute in the face, but he smaller and younger looking than he should be. obviously drugs.
he lives in NYC now, in fact he was the guy who i took to see the broadway show with me when i was there last Feburary. He used to live with/date my buddy in Austin for many years.
and i remember him as the brightest hottest college kid I'd met, masculine river boy from Nahlins and so in love with my bud in austin.
they were both hot and great for each other, too good for each other because both knew no boundaries to sexual adventure.
at the time I thought it so perfect they shared a house and lived together as bf. But i come to find, out years later after the break up that the relationship was "open", they slept around, did drugs, like to have 3 and 4 ways, took drugs and let men have their way with them. all these things.
(not that there's anything wrong with that, uhhh, those of you who can't get off without pushing every single sexual limit possible)
but it certainly wasn't what I was thinking of at the time of being gay and monogamous with another man.
Austin buddy told me years ago that C had moved to NYC and was in fact doing porn. but I'd never seen him online in any clips anywhere. and my bud told me that's because he's in fisting videos and swallowing videos and I said, oh. (I've never understood fisting at all either and definitely would not have ever seen any of those videos or plan to)
so i DID see him this week, and I jsut wanted to post that it felt really strange, to see a guy I know naked and just going at it. and also sad because I know he's on drugs a lot, and now doing all this porn where he is swallowing and getting f-ed bare. at first he's sucking them both and I wasn't sure if i was impressed, jealous, or what. ha but by the end after they've had their way with him, I thought, well I guess he made some money for more drugs or whatever.
sort of sad. also by the way, my buddy in Austin emiled today and is going back to rehab, he has been in recovery for about 2 years, and used again. I'm beginning a letter writing crusade from here on out.

other news, I'm shaving the beard today and getting a short haircut. I received some advice from a military buddy in Germany who gets LOTS of "str8" boy German cock there constantly (he says get drinking buddies at str8 bars and hook up! forget the gay bars there).
anyway, he said just keep making eye contact at the gym. not much to go on but I will try.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

haven't got a name yet, but i will

remember my new favorite crush , with the eyes and the grin? and the short cloth tight shorts....
oh i arrive at the gym, sitting to change into my gym shoes as required, and he comes in all sweaty, and starts up a conversation with me about running 10k, and we small talk etc. and then when he turns to leave, I'm bent over tying my shoe and he puts his hand on my shoulder and says good bye...........ahhh, I know its only because he's italian, but hey I'll take the physical contact.
spoke to another italian dude about starting a spinning class. and then on the way out, the more muscular of the two italian dudes I've mentioned before, he comes out to get a bottle of water, and makes a joke of "you invited these people today?" ha ha. this was funny because yesterday I made him laugh when he arraived and was warming up and i was working my shoulders, and I sort of nodded the macho gym nod of "hey" and then went up and asked him ' did you invite all these poeple today?" becasue the gym was PACKED out yesterday really busy. (sorry JR I'm not posting this word for word scripted. h a!)
anyway, guess he thought it was pretty funny so he said same to me today. anyway so not much of a story but I'm going step by step here warming up to these guys on this base. ha!
OH MAN! i saw a clip of cloverfield tonight and now I realize what you guys have been blogging about, the JJ Abrams movie I was dying to see before coming here.... SUCKS I have to wait, my bud in OKC said he saw it twice and he NEVER sees a movie twice. ha.
well I have that to look forward to watching on someones big screen when i get back!!!
(or maybe I'll find it here on DVD like in a month at the market. ha)
all right off to the shower before bed here in good ole kabbul.

never safe sleeping when buds are around....