Saturday, January 26, 2008

you like that in your mouth huh? how about.....

ladies and gentlemen....we have a leg press machine

today, i disovered a new leg press machine in the gym... ahh yeah... the two big muscle stud italians were giving a thourough test. I made some good small talk about how we've needed one, and they smiled and agreed etc etc... love those guys in their matching marine militaire blue sweatsuits. they always arrive in sweats, and eventually the jackets come off, as the show of muscle continues... ha.. and the one smaller one, who I like to watch his abs, thank goodness takes off the idiot do-rag he always wears in. anyway both these guys need LEGS.
readers, you know how i hate guys that work out upper body only. don't do it!
You must work out legs, it is a huge muslce that when worked out well, sends a message to the whole body to increase size and grow... include it. no skinny leg no-ass muscled shoulders and chest only. please
anyway, ran 5k on the treadmill and then lots of abs stufff. blah.
the chunky italian guy was there today and we laughed at each other when i almost fell off my treadmill looking sideways checking out this girls enormous breasts. just beautiful. ( there are like 10 girls on base here, so slim pickens...)
i saw same guy at lunch today from afar, and was noticing how animated his face was talking to this guy in line ( he's italian after all) and how he was sort of doing this knowing smile with his eyes dropped and halfway closed..... ahhh pull at my heart cute. i can't wait to fall for someone so animated and passionate.
no offense to anyone , but I've had some really passionate times with guys of color, this one black guy in okc just took everything so slow, so great and slow and just into him and me feeling and enjoying everything, and then this one latin guy i met once in okc, he was really really aggressive and expressive each movement so determined... oh man. So I am sort of curious about an italian dude... ha ha,,, sorry what awful generalizations!
nothing new comign from kabul base today. I am having morning devotion time at breakfast every morning and when I notice some really hot cute guy at another table, I tell myself - God makes some beautiful creations, what an Artist! although you can imagine the conflicted feelings trying to study God's word at one moment and noticing a dude the next. such is life.

Oh yeah, the main reason I'm posting, is i was reading this post from Mikey's Musings about religion and homosexuality if anyone interested. and if you remember my post about asking myself "how am I not myself"... I had a lot of thoughts later about how Christianity is sort of about denying self in the first so much with that theory, although I do like thinking about being my true self without being hung up on what is gay or not, or fear of someone thinking one way or the other... I can definitely say that the more years after college the less you care anyway. later.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

howdy pardner.....

another weekend on base

yesterday we went in for planning time for 2 hours at the school, then after lunch we had a meeting to get "on the same page" before our meeting today after lunch with the general of operations in kabul and the defensellanguage institute instructor sent here in charge of English training in the country. So basically it is sort of a power deal between here and the "leader" of our team, this lady who I used to teach with who has NO leadership capabilities at all. so lame, don't even know why I'm postinga bout it, ha other than to gripe a bit.
something about them not wanting to send us more workbooks, and why can't we buy more, and they want us to use the workbooks but not write in them. and I made the point yesterday that I've taught many years sending students home with books and having them write on paper and not the books, and how it didn't hinder their success rate in class. the team can sometime seem like a bunch of idiots! I have to eventually get everyone on the same level of CAN DO, what we can do here and not what we cant' do because whine and complain....
we alos discussed secrrity because some of the AF guys at the school are leaving soon, and the teachers were worries about having a guy with a gun with us on the afghan base. The American mentality of anyone different can't be trusted, and we assured that the AFghan security forces on that base are there and protect us. so we'll see.
all right enough of that. yesterday I had a good 4.5 K run on the treadmill and then worked some abs, and my captain friend here, this younger guy who wants to set me up with his sister from phillie, well he worked out abs with me and had me doing all sorts of stuff. he used to be a trainer before becoming an af pilot.
anyway, he helped me work my legs the day before, and today (friday) we are going to chest together (i'll also do arms). so the help is def appreciated.
There is this one Italian guy, sort of a bigger set roman looking fellow, receding hair a bit, big shoulders, big legs, currently trying to lose a bit of a gut I think, but that can be hot to me anyway. he wears these cloth shorts at the gym, sort of like sweats cut off, they hug on so tight, and he has a huge package up front, we say hey a lot and hello, and talk about the workout in broken English. he speaks some italian and I use some spanish. man he's my new favorite at teh gym.ha

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

good week, met a guy etc...

New US soldier on base, met him at the gym a few days back, and we were talking about my highschool going to state a few years ago and how he was assistant coaching in OKC at the same time, etc.... anyway, he sits with me at dinner last night and we were getting along like nothing else just going on about places in okc, etc and his wife in Florida right now, and how he was working the night shift, and then he waits while I get my hot tea, and then we chat a bit more outside, and the weirdest thing is the last part of the conversation, is he brings up this movie midnight exspress or something like that about this guy in a turkish prison, and how another officer told him one night these two afghan soldiers went inside and started making out on a couch, and I laughed it off, and told him yeah captain so-and-so told me they call it man-love thursday because a lot of afghan guys get drunk and get together on thrusday nights before their holy day off on Friday. then said goodbye etc.
and I was walking back to my barracks thinking man if that ain't the weirdest way to end the conversation. going to have keep my radar up on this guy. ha

but seriously folks, he seemed str8 as a board anyway. nothing else new going on here on base, except I continue to take the glutamine tablets and worked out with the captain from above, who used to be a trainer and put through a good leg workout today. ahh yeah.

Monday, January 21, 2008

speaking of runways.....

this is Colin Dack. british model i thought looked nice in an ad, so i thought I'd post some pics

another runway photo....

took this pic today of this huge plane, look at all the wheels underneath. Its a cargo plane.

these things come and go every now and then. i just thought I'd take a pic and post to show anyone interested. I had to put my sleeping bag on top of my comforter tonights, it's freaking cold out side and our window heater only keeps these metal shipping container/barracks so warm. ha

Sunday, January 20, 2008

base life

lately I've been really thinking about this question from one of my favorite movies "I Heart Huckabees"....
How am I not myself?
I know it sounds pretty weird but there is a point in the movie where this guy is having a nervous breakdown and I remember driving home from the movie and thinking about that question and applying in all different aspects to my life.
so lately here in kabul, I've become a little more friendly and outgoing which is my normal self, but ya know i hold back because of the usual runaround of wondering if guys think I'm gay, or if I'm suposed to be talking to strangers etc...
anyway, so I'm talking to more people lately thinking, who the heck cares, I'm just going to relax and say hello and hi, and at the gym i'm using my spanish to converse a bit with the italians. ha
thing is, i don't like any of the other teachers on staff here, and there is only so much i can say in conversations with the us military guys here, for example the whole table started talking about unloading rounds at the gate and the policy changes needed etc...... blah

did i mention the gym, two days ago, again!, I was changing my shoes out front in the entry way and this twink french soldier, cute cute face, small skinny body but all worked out and tight, well he changes after is workout and sure enough is standing there in front of me in his bikini briefs with his skinny boy huge package right there. oh man, the euros not shy I'm tellin' ya. ha

btw I met the other guy on base, we had traded dick pics which was awkward because although he was all hot built and everything, he wasn't really my type type to hang with or be friends with. sort of like the guy you would do a one time anon deal with, but not the guy for seeing everyday and stuff after messing around. I wasn't interested and so didn't go with the physical either... however! it is good to know another dude on base, and we can chat and all that about ohter dudes on base, so that is cool.
hope all had a great weekend..

world travellers unite

they might be giants, alphabet of nations
i'm from barcelona, collection of stamps
I love this cd, I have been listening to it in the random mix shuffle at the gym. Pure cheese and pure pop, 29 band members from sweden. (speeding motorcyle, this might be up your alley....and if you don't have the kid's cd from TMBG yet, get it!)

saw this on the tv while running at the gym today, sort of a freaky video...whaddya think?

click on video to see it at youtube they disabled the embed thing