Friday, January 18, 2008

one, two, or three..... (-some)

dan's things......

here are some pics of a recent purchase of shoes, and something I blogged about a while back.
First the shoes are Adidas running shoes I got on ebay and had shipped here, (isn't it awesome to have an APO box for mail here?!?) I put these suckers on yesterday right after getting them from the post office set up in one of the rooms downstairs in the barracks. Anyway, I'd been needing some for a LONG while. I ran so fast yesterday on the treadmill, so comfortable, and went 2.7 miles in 25 minutes. ah yeah
The next pic is of Porter travel luggage from Monocle magazine. (finally decided on the green).
I used the carry on during my trip over here, and plan to use only that on all the trips I take out of Kabul, serious, one carry one! I will do it. the other smaller bag was supposed to be for my laptop but , it must be for some small ass laptop, cause mine was way too big. however I use it every day to work and back for all my teaching stuff and ipod etc...
Go out and buy that magazine, tally - if you like BBC you may like the world news aspect of it, I dunno, and justin, you may like the design stuff it tries to write about, but not much about harley rides in there. and sean, you will like the over the top luxury items it advertises. ha.
anyway, I used to subscribe to Wallpaper, and I would have changed to subscribe to Monocle, but I was leaving the country etc.... so yeah, mom is going to mail them to me here.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

houston, we have contact

been busy and will get some pics up soon.
you might have heard about the hotel bombing. there were some deaths which is sad. the czech nurses on base here were working with many of the vicitims for several days, so they do some tough work. I never get off base so of course am safe from anything happening.
I was supposed to go to a ceremony today involving the affghan president but our team leader told us we weren't going because she didn't feel safe. I think that is stupid because we are on a military base, but I guess better safe then sorry. (they're opening up a new part of the base here)

other news? well I made contact with a guy who likes dick on base, an american in the next barracks actually. a bud in kosovo gave me some websites, and i signed up one and found some guys in kabul, but only one on my base. so he's wanting to meet but I'm being all shy, and he's like well better hurry before I get a roomate assigned. ha
I'm not sure i want those two worlds connected here on base yet, i guess I'm used to keeping my social fun life and other life completely apart back in the states. but like the guy said online, can't do that on base, to rare here to find another dude. anwyay, he's is excellent shape and is a mil officer etc... but I'm waiting and just chatting some with him now online at night.

big thrill at the gym yesterday, there are these two big muscular italians who work out every day. they are very friendly and talk to all of us in the gym, anyway, they are spotting each other a lot, and this one guy i swear always touching the other during the lifts. jsut italian thing.
anyway, i have spoken to him before using spanish and he's always more than willing to give some sort of pointer etc.. (although not me or they can convert exactly kg to lbs ha)
so yeah in the front room of the gym where there are lockers for our shoes where people come in and go, after the work out he gets in the corner and asks this other italian dude to hold up a short, strips down naked to put on some biking shorts to go do spinning. i get a quick glimpse before his shirt falls over his dick, and then just his nice nice ass. man, and of course all of guys are just laughing at him, and I comment dude you are right in front of the window. ha
needless to say he walks out with just his biking shorts on still rolled down to where you see his waist going down in his pants, and no shirt... f-ing hot bitch showing off and knowing it. ha

Sunday, January 13, 2008

remember summer anyone?

good day more or less...

no one in the gym, all the euros sort of take the day off.
i worked shoulders and back for more than an hour. great.

I heard from a friend in kosovo, he send me some websites, and i joined one to check around europe
there are actually 10 profiles in kabul, i found one guy already at a different base here in Kabul.
and then only one other Italian guy who comes to this base now and then, so not much point there. but he had a nice profile and pic.

I've recieved some emails about how to look at guys at the gym. I'm not sure what they are talking about, but apparently noticing who other guys are watching or if they grab their crotch?
hey, that's my sign!! ha ha
anyway, I don't noticed anything, and the Italians at the gym are constantly adjusting and this one muscle guys touches his buddy constantly during every work out, I mean let the guy work out some and then spot on the last few!! come on! .ha
oh and since euro dudes wear the spandex a lot, then they constantly sort of pull at their crotch anyway. ha

still any advice on what to look for at the gym on base, go for it. I'm listening.