Wednesday, November 05, 2008

the world keeps turning

well I'm back at work, volunteering here by substituting for the 7th grade English teacher for 3 weeks. 3 classes a day, not too bad. I'm happy to help out since they gave me a place to stay in the teacher apts while I'm killing time here. been great so far catching up with former students. Also I rejoined the GOld's gym downtown and am doing my old routine of going down after school and working out, then eating dinner somewhere and then catching a bus or taxi back up the hill. we are in the mountains above the capitol city here. cool cold fresh air, in the clouds at times, but always pretty awesome.
I'm the only gringo at the gym ,used to be a lot of north americans going there, but the place has really fallen out of shape BIG TIME, as in the same equipment from when I left 7 years ago is still there nothing new at all. ha but it's cool working out with a bunch of latin dudes, and the membership was only equivalent to $18.50 for a month.
SO a lot of the teachers from this country who still work at the school have asked me if I have a family yet, and then if I plan to find a wife from this country... nope sorry hadn't put much thought into that one. but for now single and travelling and taking things as they come is all right. the workouts should help maybe find just the right person I'm looking for upon return to okc if that person is out there.......

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