Saturday, October 04, 2008

about london

whassup ya'll! i jsut got back from the clubs here in london, well that's not fair just 2, BOX and G A Y club. they were bars, I'm not sure what club I should have gone to for mega action, but i had fun, the BOX had the hottest guys by far all gym worked and looking good, I was alone so had no idea what \Iwas doing, I'mbetter with a wing man, serious! anyway, had a few guys looking me down and one follow me over to the bar and say hi, also some badboys in the restroom there. uncut. anyway, the \G A Y b ar was pretty crowded, mixed crowdandfun over all, had 2 guys talk to me since i had asked about the beer there.\
so I came home at 1230 because the tubes stop at 1230. over all great time here in london. but I'm really looking forward to gay barcelonawhere I'llb e alone the whole time, meaning (my own placeand schedule) and then paris with my gay bud from austin. ( my friend I'm staying with here has no idea bout me, thus the life of the closted.)

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