Sunday, September 21, 2008


got outdoors yesterday. all is good at the house, the roomie, sadly, has moved out a month ago. but that is prolly good news because it made it easier to just move back in. he left a couch and chair and computer and other things here which are now in a nice stack in the corner, and the furniture I'll move after i get mine out of storage.
i mowed, weed eated, weeded and the place is looking clean and good again. the only thing is the disposal inthe kitchen sink doesn't work and is all corroded I think. and the toilet will need to be placed, but other wise things were clean and vaccuumed. I'll prolly replace the locks on the door before I go on vacation unless I see him come by this weekend or something.


justabamaguy said...

Hey welcome back to the troubled states of America Dan!! Nice build on that lawnmower!! :) Glad things are settling down for you in OKC. How was the trip back? Long I'm sure, right? What's the next step for you?

Anonymous said...

Not sure I understand why you say "sadly" roomie is gone. I thought he owed you money, and was not returning your emails.