Wednesday, September 24, 2008


was jsut reading about clay aiken coming out of the closet here. and I have to ask , His mother was STUNNED?!?!? uh huh....
he came out of the closet the day they announced he was having a surrogate kid, what straight guy does that besides michael jackson? (ha ha nudge nudge wink wink)
anyway, anyone guess which pic below is dan?

update from okc, I'm moving crap out of storage into my house and trying take a minimilist approach, and making a pile to get rid of clothes! i have to! must!
also cleaning it up because my austin bud is staying over tonight, we're going to plan our meet up in paris, what to do, and just catch up from whats going on this past 9 months Ive been gone.
met an ex army guy online that I chatted with before from overseas, he is a friend of my gay friend here in okc. SO I'll have to decide if that means I can ask the guy out or just hang out with him since he's been out with my gay friend in okc before. ya know how it goes. friends come first each time ahh yeah.
he's a very hot mexican american guy solid and laid back and seemingly very cool. just my type.
all right, now back to storage to find some glasses and plates to use in the house tonight.
no communication with the roomie but i will either find him tomorrow at his work or just change the locks on the door before taking my trip. oh yeah, the reason I said "sadly he moved out" is I really liked having a roomate, and he really was a nice guy to live with before I moved and he had no accountability to pay rent. ahh well.


JUSTIN said...

I'm guessing the last pic is of you!

Oh, and I hear you about wanting a Roomie. My current one is the shit! Living alone is great at first but it gets kinda lonely...

Fancy Pants said...

Hey well don't give any of those clothes away without letting me take a look, i'm a regular charity case down here. Poor as shit and just spent $800 on my car today. Love it.