Wednesday, July 23, 2008

what's new....

well the guy leading church service on base has left, so I'm going to start going again tonight. the reason I quit was when this new guy started a few months ago, and basically everthing in the service was rote and written and read off a paper, including group readings, and then his sermon also read. I jsut couldnt' do it, I tried but after I saw the way this guy treated other people on base, I decided he didn't have the character of a worship leader. I've been listening to cd's of messages my sister has sent me in the meantime. This will only make sense to those readers who share my faith.
in other news.....I have been taking the protien shakes now for almost 3 weeks, every night. Have I noticed anything, not so much but I'd like to think my muscles feel a bit more strong, and my workouts continue to improve. I'm startying to look better like before when I'd be pumped up after the work out and think, why can't I look like this all the time. and now I'm starting to look like that in shape and all.
the strange thing is I can see my back,chst, shoulders, thaking shape and my arms growing definitely, but my weight is not going up at all, I'm actually less than I have been in a while. but my buds at the gym say that is cause I'm running everyday before my workouts. but i don't want to give up cardio. and since it's not about the number of how much i weigh but the shape I look, I'm not too worried ha.
I should be getting some creatine in the mail soon so I can bump out a bit of the current plateau I've hit. only for a month, I using that stuff but I want to get some extra hard workouts in before leaving this place.
ALso, things are looking up for another year here. at a LOT more pay. my roomie is wokring on a contract bid that we may not know about until Oct 1st for some reason, fiscal year something.
the better the news gets though, the more I can loosen up my travel budget this fall before returning to the US for a couple months (we'd be coming back here in jan). That way I can settle my house situation and sell my truck. today begins my thurs/fri weekend here.
also, any UK readers, do you know if the cell phone system there is the kind where you can purchase a SIM card for the phone and then jsut buy minutes? that is my plan while travelling this fall, I want to bring my cell phone from here with me.


Jay said...

Hey, as long as you have a phone that works, you should be able to buy prepaid card, but i'm sure some uk reader will be able to give confirmation.

Just added you to my blogroll :)


Anonymous said...

How is the house situation?
Is the guy still living there?

Anonymous said...

is not dangerous to take all these products for your health? I am also in need of a good profesor in english in a way to take part in toefel exam,, it's serrious but your bog is helping me to improve my englsih and spend a good time

Anonymous said...

If you are using a US cell phone, you just have to get it unlocked then buy a prepaid sim card. You can also buy a cell phone for pretty cheap if you dont have one. When you run out of minutes, you just "top up" to add more minutes.

Tim said...

If you have T-mobile you can use it in the UK. Any network that uses sim cards will work there any that don't, won't.
I rented a phone but net time I hope to be in a network that uses sim cards and will let me transfer my minutes there.

Perfectly Flawed said...

Try doing your cardio AFTER your work out. It’s a slight difference that lets the body use it primary energy for Gaining muscles and then the secondary reserve for burning fat.