Saturday, July 12, 2008

trip planning...

i got some great emails with ideas for travel, keep 'em coming. I thought I'd post my plans so far when i get out of here. My return ticket goes back through Paris. so I've told my boss to delay the part from paris back to the states for a month. I will train to london where I can stay with a friend. and then I plan to fly back and forth from there to Senegal to stay with friends, and then Barcelona where I'll be on my own, and then maybe train around to some different places, or I'm also considering amsterdam to see a friend there, also the Anne Frank Museum is there (I taught 8th grade English for 3 years including the diary etc).
I researched some online about Barcelona and it's definitely the choice over madrid, at first i came up with this site called disco damaged which made me think i was way in over my head, yes lots of gay guys just travel for sex tourism apparently. I'm not looking to f- around just go out have some time, enjoy the view, maybe if I'm lucky get to make out with someone JP style before going home...
So I was glad to find more information on bars in general there, like this Barcelona tour site for st8 and gay clubs.
Most likely I'll just pick a place and take what comes my way. Any suggestions on clubs in barcelona and what they're wearing at clubs, and sites to see in general definitley appreciated.
Obviously as october approaches I'll be doing a lot more research online of everything.
Things on base are going well. good weather not too hot, students learning their English, the gym is aweomse. I am taking my protein every night, I'm not sure what to expect from that but workouts remian good. I am also still taking glutamine tablets, but I think Creatine would bump up everything more but still undecided on that one. OH YEAH, and there are some new portugal guys on base and these two are so great together. both shorter and same brown skin and all defined and muscular, one a little more than the other. and they are a good work out pair. one has this tattoo on back of his calf of a sort of winged demon and it's sort of funny how it has this huge package drawn in the loincloth its wearing. ha
Also has anyone seen "Beowulf"? I watched it on my computer last night from a DVD I got at the market and it was pretty interesting, nicely drawn hero and all that.

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Anonymous said...

I'm off for 2 weeks in Spain next Sunday. I'm going to be in Sitges, Barcelona & Madrid. I'll let you know where I think you should go when I get back on Aug. 3. A friend who's been to Barcelona told me that there are backrooms in all the bars because all the young men live at home and don't have anywhere else to have sex with each other.