Monday, May 26, 2008

happy memorial day weekend....

hope it was a good weekend for everyone, nothing different here other than the US post office on base was closed. someone let me know what you did for the long weekend and remind me of back in the states. i would have been in Austin this weekend no doubt trying to find some "fun".
There is this big solid euro guy, about 5'7 but huge like some Colt video guy with brown hair and a beard, anyway, every now and then he wears camo thermala boxer briefs to work out in. so funny, I guess it's no more revealing than the spandex all the euros wear. I have to say he looks pretty good with that and his sort of long white tanktop which stops in the middle of his butt and just above his crotch.
what a jerk showing it off like that! ha

I have changed my work out to a different body part 6 days a week. ( I was working 3 times a week every other day, back and shoulders, legs, arms and chest)
SO now I've changed it up like this; tri's,back,bi's,legs,shoulders, chest, day off.
If anyone has a suggestion on the order I'm doing this, I 'd like to hear it.
for examply should I move tri's and back further away, because I'm not sure if I use a little tri in some of the back workouts etc....
so far I've noticed I'm getting each one area worked out a LOT more and I hope to see better results. As soon as i can get to the other base with the US BX I am going to buy some supplements to take for a push. On this base everything is too expensive in euros.

week is going well, no more dram at work since the boss came out and told our team leader she was no longer team leader, but now we are all just on the same team with the mil guy in charge as program manager etc... so sweet. but I'm counting the DAYS, only 4 months to go now.

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Anonymous Blogger said...

boxer briefs to work out? haha. thats new and unheard of.