Monday, April 21, 2008

another break coming up.........

I bought a plane ticket... ah yeah! India bound. it will be short trip, just enough to see some sites around delhi, and then the taj majal. but overall, great to get out of here and see some new parts of the world.... I guess that's why I took the job in the first place.
man the months can't pass quick enough here for anyone, military included.
the new batch of troops here are still getting into adjusting to living here, and the last group had a 6 month deployment and this group has a year deployment so it just looks so long off.
That and the way everything goes so slowly, the different culture for one thing and trying to get the locals thinking American way and not the local way etc etc etc.... blah.
and then the food, or troubles at home, or something another makes it all seem to last all the longer here.... ugh.
My roomie in OKC does not email me back at all about this month and last months rent, 3 times I've tried, and he's dumb enough to keep logging into myspace, which shows when he last was online, and he's not reading the email I sent him on myspace. got me man, have no idea what the deal is, but I hope to resolve it quick or get him the heck out of myhouse somehow. who knows.
I'm going to call him on my cell phone tomorrow morning which is his evening. lets hope he answers.
gay news? none here, I'm still going to the church on base and have made a nice set of friends to sit with at meals. a major, a captain, and a tech sgnt. all very cool, so its good to have a reg group of guys to hang with etc... still have no idea who's gay on this base, I say hello to guys walking by all the time but big deal, and the gym is still wonderful, full of belgian paratroopers and others pumpin away in them tight outfits..... ahh yeah..
anyway, all good and ready for another adventure coming up in a week.


Mike said...

The Taj Majal- awesome! That would be so amazing to see in person.

Seriously I think it is cool that you made the leap and took the job, get to teach elsewhere, and get to explore.

Anonymous said...

I have rental property, and I have been through this quite a lot. In my experience when a renter gets several months behind they never catch up. It is actually cheaper for them to move out instead of paying back rent. Have your guard up for some heart breaking excuse, all the dead beats have them. If he can delay eviction for another month or two with small token payments or promises to pay, before you know it he will owe you 6 months rent.

I say if he is 3 months behind today and if he doesn’t pay you in full in a week or so, evict him. Given what you’ve said in the past about his sloppy living habits, I wonder what kind of condition your house is in right now. You may be better off without him even if he pays the rent.

K said...

Oooo I'm jealous!

I've always wanted to go to India.

One of these days....

justabamaguy said...

Have a great time in India...and be sure to take lots of pictures to share with us domestic US based individuals who don't get out of the states...I know you'll have a great time Dan!!