Thursday, March 13, 2008

why does it have to be Oklahoma!!! ughhh

if only the people in this video were all from her district, well then things would bound to be changed. but who knows..............

I'd be interested to know if this was some political deal, or some church deal. I think its wrong when people try to back up biggotry and hatred behind a religious "sin" card. It's no surprise that a religious speaking engagement would mention a stance against homosexual behaviour, but it's quite another to come up with crazy ideas that one group of people is a threat or to blame as a force wanting to change the US. And indeed it's not any one group or sin that is driving man away from God. That is no secret agenda of any one group, a Christian would say it's the quite obvious agenda of satan in the world of men. sin nature has been alive in man since the fall of Adam. We've been seperated from God by Sin ever since. (which is why Christians believe in Jesus as the reconnect) Whether you believe that to be sexual sin, (adultery for some, homosexuality for others) or lying, or cheating, or ignoring the starving and poor, gluttony, pride, gambling, drugs, alcohol, etc etc etc , it's nothing new under the sun. None are excluded from God's love and mercy.

I'm embarrassed for Oklahoma that once again biggotry and hatred shows its ugly face in the state congress of my home state.... dang it all!

This woman has hopefully just lost any re-election in OK, I believe that much, and her stance has only strengthened the opposing voices. I'm glad I'm not in OKC to see the liberal rag "OK Gazzete"'s awful dissection of this one.... good job whoever had the tape recorder. excellent display of ignorance!

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Anonymous said...

Dan would you share with us sometime why you believe in God? Do you ever have doubts about your faith?