Monday, February 18, 2008

musical numbers

damien rice, cannonball and the blower's daughter...... ahh doesn't get nicer than that. well maybe Kings of convenience. been listening to my ipod tonight at my desk. Did I ever post about my ipod purchases? I have two ya know, one 80g ipod, and a little silver clippy shuffle. I got them before coming over here, and loaded up all my cd's. so i use them in my room, and in my classroom, and the shuffle I use at the gym. here are the songs currenly on my shuffle that I am rocking out to doing abs and running or lifting. ha; ( quotes are CD titles, and I'm putting in bold the songs I especially like to me on while I'm lifting or running and get me GOING)

Aaron Soul - Soundclash
Air - Sexy Boy, how does it make you feel?
Aluminum group - Rrose Selavy's Valise
Basement Jaxx- Romeo
Bjork - Violenly happy
Bole 2 harlem - Home
Company - My junk, touch me, I believe
Corner shop - brimful of asha
Daft Punk - Aerodynamic
DJ Pied piper & the ceremony masters - Do you really like it
Embrace - Gravity
Erasure - Rain, Take me back
Everything but the girl - "Walking wounded"
Fairground attraction - Find my love
Franz ferdinand - Take me out, Dark of the matinee, Michael
Spring awakening soundtrack - mamma who bore me, the bitch of living, I believe, purple summer
I'm from Bercelona - "Let me introduce my friends"
Jimmy eat world - Bleed american
Kaiser cheifs - Everyday I love you less and less, I predict a riot, and "Yours truly, angry mob"
Killers - Mr. Brightside
The Kooks - "inside in/ inside out"
malcolm McLaren - Something's jumping in your shirt
Miriam Makeba - Back of the moon
Modjo- lady
Pet shop boys - Being boring, bet she's not your girlfriend, Email
Peter Bjorn and John - Young folks
Pizzicato Five - magic carpet ride
postal service - The district sleeps alone tonight
S club 7 - Dont stop movin'
Scissor sisters - Comfortably numb, mary
Stereo total - "music automatique"
Strokes - take it or leave it
They might be giants - birdhouse in your soul, istanbul
Tribalistas - passe em casa

well there you have it, someone comment and tell me you are my soulmate and have all the same cd's in your music collection. I can honestly say i've never downloaded one song, and have all these cds. ha. are there any songs you also ROCK OUT to at the gym? or a song you've never heard of before, or a cd you thought you were the only person that owned it? a song that is so gay? or a song that you don't like? feel free to comment.


Anonymous said...

I love that you have Bjork.
Hyper-Ballad is my favorite.
Daft Punk ALWAYS gets me going. If you have a way of getting it, get a hold of the Alive 2007 CD.

I like to study/ chillout to the postal service cd, and just chill with friends and listen to Pete Bjorn, and John.

The music that gets me going is the soundtrack to the german movie, Run Lola Run. Do what you can to watch the movie/listen to the soundtrack!

Mike said...

Sister Sisters... haha... I'll admit I like them.
Killers and Jimmy Eat World are always good.

The few times I do listen to my iPod at the gym it is Jimmy Eat World, The Shins, and The Killers.

I use my iPod so rarely though- mainly when around the house.

Fun post getting to see what Dan in Kabul is listening to.

Fancy Pants said...

Oh you already know we're music soulmates big D, that's a foregone conclusion. Check out Camera Obscura's "Hey Lloyd" video, it's my new fave. So so so so nice.

Anonymous said...

I don't have any of those, no soul-mate here!

I do enjoy reading your blog though.

Anonymous said...


Thought you might want to add a song to your favorite list, see second video below. However, you should watch the first video so you understand the context of the second. The last video is just an extra for fun, enjoy.

Dave Chapelle - Juice

Juice Song

Dave Chapelle - Extra just for fun