Monday, February 25, 2008

booked a flight!............

I'm finally getting out of here in march. bought tickets today to visit my friend and his wife in Bucharest... anyone been there? i doubt it but feel free to advise anything.
first I fly to Dubai, then Istanbul, then Bucharest. I am going to try and get a flight to istanbul a day or two early on the way back to check it out also. we shall see.
this pic is of a gay parade in bucharest, except there were more people marching protest than the parade. just a pic i found online.


Anonymous said...

hey man, good for you!
it'll be nice to get out and explore!

i was in instanbul for a little but 6 years ago i think. its really nice, but i was like 14 and it was family stuff, so i cant think of anything to tell you to do...


Anonymous said...

If your friends are Romanian, a common practice throughout Eastern Europe is to bring gifts if you are going to be a guest in someone’s home. While this is not unheard of in the US, it certainly considered no crime if you don’t. However, in Eastern Europe it is pretty much an insult if you don‘t bring something.

In my experience it is traditional to bring chocolate or flowers for the woman and Vodka for the man. However, you can take whatever is available. Some of my Eastern Euro friends have asked my why these rich Americans come to their home for dinner and bring nothing? So, if you get a chance to stop at a market on the way from the airport = good idea.

Go see Palace of the Parliament, Romanian: Palatul Parlamentului, if you like architecture, especially at night.

When in Turkey look around for one of those old fashioned barbershops where you can get a straight razor shave (disposable blade of course). Don’t be afraid to ask around to find the best shop.

Hope you have fun.