Sunday, January 20, 2008

base life

lately I've been really thinking about this question from one of my favorite movies "I Heart Huckabees"....
How am I not myself?
I know it sounds pretty weird but there is a point in the movie where this guy is having a nervous breakdown and I remember driving home from the movie and thinking about that question and applying in all different aspects to my life.
so lately here in kabul, I've become a little more friendly and outgoing which is my normal self, but ya know i hold back because of the usual runaround of wondering if guys think I'm gay, or if I'm suposed to be talking to strangers etc...
anyway, so I'm talking to more people lately thinking, who the heck cares, I'm just going to relax and say hello and hi, and at the gym i'm using my spanish to converse a bit with the italians. ha
thing is, i don't like any of the other teachers on staff here, and there is only so much i can say in conversations with the us military guys here, for example the whole table started talking about unloading rounds at the gate and the policy changes needed etc...... blah

did i mention the gym, two days ago, again!, I was changing my shoes out front in the entry way and this twink french soldier, cute cute face, small skinny body but all worked out and tight, well he changes after is workout and sure enough is standing there in front of me in his bikini briefs with his skinny boy huge package right there. oh man, the euros not shy I'm tellin' ya. ha

btw I met the other guy on base, we had traded dick pics which was awkward because although he was all hot built and everything, he wasn't really my type type to hang with or be friends with. sort of like the guy you would do a one time anon deal with, but not the guy for seeing everyday and stuff after messing around. I wasn't interested and so didn't go with the physical either... however! it is good to know another dude on base, and we can chat and all that about ohter dudes on base, so that is cool.
hope all had a great weekend..


Anonymous said...

Please post his dick pic

Anonymous said...

About the best thing you can ever do for yourself is to find away to be comfortable in your own skin!

Sorry your guy on base did not work out, but just remember that sometimes we too quickly discount others. Similar thing happened to me on my first day of college. This guy invited me to lunch, it was awkward, nothing in common, conversation stalled and we just sat in silence. However, the guy kept asking me to lunch and was persistent, gradually the conversation flowed and we became friends. In fact, it has been a number of years since college and we still talk almost daily. I would say he is the best friend I have ever had, and that happened because of his efforts, I completely misjudged him in the beginning.

I get the impression sometimes that you are a friendly outgoing person, but it is difficult for others to really get to know you and become close with you. If that is true, consider changing it, you never know who can make a difference in your life.

S said...

Those europeans and their bikini briefs...