Saturday, January 05, 2008

yeah, it's still there......

all right guys, you still going to the gym? get there, doesn't have to be weights, just keep the body moving and burning and heart pumping. here is some inspiration..... you'd be surprised at what you can get from just donig pushups every night, great for chest, back, abs... do 20 every night, or work up to that.

I did arms and chest yesterday at the gym and it was an excellent workout because i started at 4 and went until 530 without a care in the world how long it took to get every arm and chest workout I could think of. big deal, the mess hall is open until 7 so why rush, after dinner I just come back to the room and plan or clean or kill time blogging on the 'puter. ha... well I'm starting back up, so nothing like any of these guys, but i would llike to get a nice inshape fit solid look going, no muscle bulging stud, just keep in shape over all. and you?

Friday, January 04, 2008

OU couldn't hold back WV!

yup, ou lost the fiesta bowl this year. but hey they got there right? I still love OU and i am ready for next years team! I have to say I watched the delayed broadcast game here last night and it was so sad... they commented at the end about Stoops great coaching, I hated watching it. and I flipped channels some but in the end... just kept watching... UGHHH!
but I'm still Boomer Sooner all the way! ha
Oklahoma players D.J. Wolfe (25) and Curtis Lofton (40) try to stop West Virginia quarterback Patrick White (5) in the second half of the Fiesta Bowl college football game, Wednesday, Jan. 2, 2008 in Glendale, Ariz. (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin)

another dan's favorites

thought I'd post about this shaving cream.

I got this stuff at the crabtreeandevelyn outlet store in San Marcos back in November. It was marked down to $5 so I picked some up(thinking hey that will travel better than cans of foam, I'll try it), and I have to say it's f-ing awesome and I think the two tubes I bought are going to last almost all the time I'm here ( I have a beard going now, which helps.... ha) Anyway, so I'm not a fan of shaving stuff lotions like I've tried the lubricating shave cream by Jack black? something, and then Crew for men has some sort of herb oil shave thing. but none of those were ever comfortable really for shaving and i've always been an Edge Gel man.
So anyway, this stuff is slick! rub it in, you only need a little bit, and shave ---and I'm surprised how close a shave I get and how great it feels afterwards for not being a fluffy foam shave.

All right so now I've posted on my latest favorite thing, my shave cream "Nomad" from C&E. You may think its pretty gay going into the store, but I'm telling you the stuff is NICE.... ha

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year to You readers and fellow bloggers...

here's to another great year of putting ourselves out there as we learn more about ourselves and each other, and to another great year of random pics of hot guys having fun..... ha

now.Get out and party it up guys!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

some pics of base........

here are some pics, one is of the Christmas eve dinner they served in the bingo hall tent
and then the other is outside some armed vehicles, I think this day there is an armored USA bus .

like I said guys...... if you need something in your mouth ......well.... I.........

bagging straight guys...... sure, but married?.....

I don't think I ever blogged about this guy I met in Austin last time i was there, it was one of the weekends i stayed with my buddy there while taking a break from training in San Antonio. Well anyway, i found this guy online who lived a few streets away and was looking to just mess around some, ( meaning i was looking for oral and he was all, heck yeah) so he asked to meet at the side of his house and go to the backyard. was still rather warm in early Nov btw. so I go by there he's wearing sweatpants and a shirt and we got back side of his house between the back of the house and a shed, and start making out and then taking off our shirts and eventually dropping trou.... sort of bending over awkwardly to meet the other guys waist area, if anyone knows what I'm talking about. well eventually I'm on my knees and he's fully satisfied etc...
SO the reason I bring it up is the guy was HOT, worked out gym bod, some hair on his chest all white and smooth and w/ like this straight guy gold chain around his neck. anyway the deal is, he was married. and I went over anyway.
My Austin buddy later called me out on it. And we had a big discussion, he said, you don't think it s a big deal because you as a Christian think the homosexual act is a sin already so you don't care adding another sin to that by messing with a married dude. and it bothered him because he says homosexual or straight marriage is a marriage and should be honored. And that I shoudl be comfortable acting out with guys, but not married guys!.... it makes me love him more that we can be close enough to hold me accountable on stuff like that, because seriouslylwe never bring up my conservative points of view compared to his different views on things ever. on purpose on my account anyway. ha
But I decided to make it a point from ten on to steer clear of married guys after our conversation, because of integrity I guess, and the fact that now that he's been in recovery he does believe in a higher power and that's important to me because i pray for my friend and want to be nothing but supportive, and how can he have any respect for my faith if he sees me messing with married guys which he sees as wrong, regardless of his faith matching completely with mine.... (still with me?)
the above is a preface, because I wanted to mention this blog I read today about bagging a straight guy, which i found interesting over at Falling off a log - blog. There are some points listed about how to stand and act which I found pretty amusing. I guess, because, well you know how some closet dudes are constantly trying to overcompensate on how NOT to look gay.. .. and then you train yourself so that you don't even know what is acting normal or acting over masculine/not gay. check it out if interested.

AS for hot pics of guys married/straight/or not.... this is THE WEEK to be on craigslist. guys travelling all over, people out of town, off work with lots of extra time. THis week was always my luckiest for finding a hot dude when looking on craigslist back when i discovered it online and lived alone.... i'm not saying go hook up on craigslist, but check some big cities and see what guys are posting out there.... filter through the Bull Crap and weird stuff, but in the mix, you always find the sort of not quite sad, but sort of dismaying posts by "bi" or "straight" guys demanding HOT STRAIGHT acting guys to mess with etc...... always makes me wonder do they ever really find their dream "straight" masc hot muscle guy for fun on the side??? maybe in LA or larger cities but I have to think more often not, or they are gay and looking for the str8 type, or they only meet gay guys who try to fake bi so they can hook up with said dude. anyway, now I'm rambling.... but I hope this post gets some constructive and discussive comments.

everyone ready for a new year?