Saturday, December 01, 2007

sloppy boys

fort in georgia

good training this morning, we showed up at 8am. stood around , got our orders copied, signed in, went to a briefing about filling in forms and what luggage we can bring. then a break, and then chow hall, pretty good food actually, and then some computer training which most people just clicked through and signed, but I tried to read most of it.
now at the hotel and watching some bruce willis movie, and waiting for the OU game... ahh yeah.
can they pull it off against Missouri one more time..?

btw male barracks at the base long hallway rooms on each side for 4 each, and a bathroom at the end with 4 showers togher same room, 3 urinals across all close together, some washers and dryers sinks etc... for anyone interested. glad I'm not staying there though since I got a tv here and my own room etc... ha.

lots of different contractors in training with us today going to all different countries, mainly iraq and afgan and others. lots of machanics and ex military etc, also some military were training.
here we go.....

Friday, November 30, 2007

quick up date

I'm in Columbus Georgia.
man I love airports, such a variety of people to look at.
packed up the house like crazy the last two days ( final stuff) packed up 2 bags, one was 64, an the other 74 pounds. so I paid $150 which I'll get reimbursed. it's $50 fine for over 50 lbs and $100 for over 70 lbs.
so we are all here at a hampton inn and begin tomorrow.
much more to post later. I'm in GA for one week of training and the we leave for overseas next Friday. ahh yeah.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007