Saturday, November 24, 2007

outdoors au natural.....

busy weekend.......

thanks for the comments, all bloggers know we love to get comments of course.

busy this weekend doing everything, packing up my large suitcase and duffle bag with clothes and stuff, packing three 20x20x20 boxes with blankets, school supplies and books, a lamp, 2 down coats, etc you get the picture. The good thing is I get reimbursed for all the stuff shipped over there ( I was tempted to just mail everything). but I'm playing it smart by taking half and shipping half, except for all the school stuff, Im not lugging that around during the trip.
saw a movie last night with my married couple buds from AR. "No Country for Old men" I think its called. Really Really great film! once was enough. I don't usually see creepy movies like that, I mean it is pretty graphic, but oh so well done, My heart was pounding inside like I was in danger during the first few parts of the movie. If anyone didn't get the ending, email me and I'll explain the line in the movie which explains point blank why it ends the way it does. See it!

there was a preview for a Daniel Day Lewis movie that was excellent, people were applauding the preview his acting was so damn good! ha , he's like the male Meryl Streep, you know the way he becomes the character and all. also the older brother from Little Miss Sunshine plays oppisite Lewis and I imagine also does some fine acting to have been chosen to play opposite Lewis.

I'm listening to OU/OSU game on the radio. still no cable here. ha. OU winning, I'm glad to hear Bradford was able to play. My roomie is asleep on the couch, he's all sick and taken all sorts of sudafed and medications. I don't get how he can have cold sores and dip at the same time.
He went out and bought a puzzle this morning, and I helped put the border together on the coffe table. now he's just sleeping though. I towed and pushed (myself, thankyou) my little 88 ranger into my backyard yesterday. I'm going to put a tarp over it while I'm gone. my dad will keep my newer truck that I drive. and this next week I plan to put the 88 truck up on blocks. man, how redneck is that?

Dan buys an IPOD. my first. I got the ipod Classic for $249 at circuit city ( although I should have waited, the apple store had them for $228 yesterday but I'll live) so I have uploaded all my cds and also download some podcasts of this american Life from NPR. I thought that'd be perfect to have while on the plane or waiting around for stuff during my trip. I also purchased a 250gb portable hard drive to sort of store everything on. I mainly got it so I can get into video editing once I'm overseas. btw, I WILL be blogging while there, we'll have internet and everything etc...

Anyone want to give financial ideas? I found out I have no PMI on my mortgage, it's an FHA loan so I'm paying insurance regardless until 2015. So I've decided it makes no difference how soon or late I pay off my mortgage, I guess I could just save everything I earn, and let the rent money go towards mortgage, or save half and pay half onto the mortgage, or just pay everything towards my house. I'm actually going to AR tomorrow and seeing my best bud up there and his wife and kid, so he'll prolly give me tons of ideas as well.

Friday, November 23, 2007

thanks everybody...........

wanted to thank everyone who keeps up with the blog, whether its the pics or the stuff I consider about how I'm trying to live, or the way gay guys try to live either out or in etc...
Sometimes I have to wonder how ridiculous my life is when I'm trying to live as if my sexual orientation shouldn't matter to anyone who i am and how I live, yet I'm in a culture where it seems to be the first thing that matters to those around me. And also of course I remain single because I'm not out there looking for a woman or man to date or "settle down" with. Which really every one should try to find. It takes a LOT of being unselfish finding a good relationship, and in a very ME culture relationships must be a challenge for anyone. But I'd still like to definitely try.
i know thats a little of whats kept me from having much of a social life here in okc, also since I've been working 2 jobs for 6 years. I'm excited to move and see what I'll be doing with all my "free time" after work and weekends. not to mention just getting around the base and seeing what all it has to offer, and of course the new culture and part of the world. I also hope to appreciate living in the confinement of the base and shared quarters. I'm curious to see what my routine will become.
Anyway, i'm extremely thanful for my family who continues to love me and support me in being the one in the family who always does the different thing, like moving away to asia to teach and live for a year, maybe more. i also am getting less and less of the "why are you still single" at thanksgiving. But then again my sister did bring it up again yesterday, and it feels dishonest having her so concerned and wanting me to be happy but trying so hard to find what kind of GIRL I'm interested in. Truth is they just want me to be happy. And right now I'm happy not making my family confront something which would no at first make them happy, knowing I may not ever partner up and have kids and the same sort of traditional future they've all found ( I'm one of five).
I'm also very thankful for my job opportunity I'm beginning next weekend, and for all the preparation that God has directed my life through the many experiences which have specifically made me ready for just this job; teaching in a third world country, my interest for languages and people of different cultures, teaching ESL to youth and adult, and the govt grant which helped me to get my masters. I can't even imagine what I might be doing after this next phase in life.
Again I'll say whatever it is I hope I'm not alone. ha
SO that's my thanksgiving post.
Oh yeah I'm also thankful to hear Sam Bradford WILL be playing for OU tomorrow against OSU! I'm equally divided this year who wins. usually I'm for underdog OSU, but this year I think I'll pull for OU because of Sam and OU's lost to Texas Tech.

Monday, November 19, 2007

SHOUT out to one of the smartest men I know.....

Some readers may remember me mentioning my bud in dallas who was married with 3 kids, came out and now living gay and single? and I mentioned his custody nightmare etc...?
Well the dude is starting a blog, and its about time. This one is for anyone wanting to relate to going the wife direction in life first and THEN coming out, also for those who enjoy a good good read, he's such a writer(his taste as such shows in one of his first links to golden boy, ha).
Dude is hot with gorgeous dark model looks and at 6'3 well you know he's getting the bext choice down there in dallas. well, that is, he COULD if he weren't mr. dad all the time obviously, oh yeah, and if there were enough gay guys to choose from who were as much into true love and relationships as he is. His upbringing continues to amaze me, he's super sharp , all style and class, speaks German and Russian, and he had me at "I was a lanscape architect major at OU".
also of course we share a similar conservative Christian upbringing. So anyway, enough about my bud, go read his blog -- also linked at the right!
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fit fit fit

pics of my boxers and pair of briefs found in my roomies room. if the lazy bastard would do his laundry he wouldn't have to raid my dresser for something clean. I did get him some boxers for Christmas go figure.
also this pic is from the volunteer dinner last weekend, Saturday night. I spent a lot of time chatting it up with the military reserves guy, air force, security forces, he's 6'2 and 205lb. so nice.
readers may remember I blogged about him before when I trained him at the museum where we volunteer. I'm trying to get a closeup pic to post....ha. I had a great time talking to him all about afghanistan since he had been there. he's married but said his wife will be life service type, whatever that means.... if i were staying in town I'd definitely try to hang out with this guy, he said he's in a band and plays guitar. nice big guy! dang...
btw you can see the dinner this year was Oklahoma centennial themed at a historical barn site near the capitol.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Oh you SOONERS!!!...............

well things are going to pretty dismal around OKC this week. I guarantee it, I mean Texas TEch???? come on!!! OU loses to Texas Tech last night. man was my roomie in a pissy mood. and sam bradford was injured so that's all we are going to hear about anywhere all this week. what is up OU!!!??!?! ughh!
anyway, so they lost, but OSU did beat Baylor...
things should be very very interesting indeed for the OSU vs OU game coming up next weekend. can't wait to watch it. going to rock. I do hope that bradford wasn't hurt too bad, he had a concussion last night. sucks!
anyway, today the roomie was ina much better mood, and we chatted some, and later ordered a pizza and watched fox cartoon comedy for a while.
on a side note, I found 3 of my boxers in his room on the floor and one pair of my briefs. the guys is basically jsut too damn lazy to ever do launrdy. i was gathering some towells off the floor of his room to wash a load of towells when I noticed my briefs and boxers in there. gee whiz.
ahh well no complaints here, I have plenty of clothes to go around serious, in fact I have most things in storage at this point and will be spending this week refining just how many things and which ones I plan to take to Afghanistan to wear this next year. half to wear to work, and the other half for when I travel. ha
hope all had a great weekend.

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