Thursday, October 04, 2007

on the job proposition.......

doesn't that sound like a tally heading?
well I was all set to take the job yesterday, and then a talk with my parents confused me. basically I can just see they don't want me to go because my dad is sort of like mother hen, prefers we all jsut stay in Oklahoma. and he said some things, like, what if I didn't like it once I got there, or what if my roomie moved out a month after I left. which I feel were not very constructive or supportive to the actual reasoning of going in general. but i love them and understand them, and teh one important thing I'm clinging to is my dad said don't take the first offer.
SO I decdied to write an email to the guy paying me(subcontractor to locckheed) that I didn't feel his offer was a strong competitive salary. SO his answer will be my answer, either say thankyou maybe next time and goodbye, or increase the salary.

btw - I wont' be ever leaving base and will remain at the airport/base/apartment/classroom facility the entire time except when flying out to dubai on my way to other place during our holidays there. It really shoudl be quite safe..... so I believe...anyway...

I will say I'm glad for sending the email about the salary because I have information now where I can see my base salary offered was on the low end of the scale. heck yeah I deserve more than the low end, I have my masters in bilingual education, have 3 years overseas experience, will be starting up and developing a completely new program, expected to have my legal, family, property, and financial matters wrapped up with two weeks, and I'm asked to while my current school year job is in full swing. Not to mention the recent news of the bus exploding in Kabul Saturday and this Tuesday. all thiese things I mentione din my letter asking about the salary.
Now I'll jsut wait to see what he says back to me, and then call mom and dad, and then hopefully I can start boxing up my house. ughhh. but I'm excited over all.

although this blog may not have too many wonderful hot stories in kabul, but believe me, it CANT" be any worse than the non action here in okc. ...

the other great news is that my night job my be giving me a raise, so I'm still win win either way this thing goes. ha

Das Rad

this was my favorite short from the animated short film festival a couple years ago in okc...

who i am and what I want

a short film from the manhattan short film festival a year or more ago.......

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Dan's favorite things........

ANyone else a Wes Anderson fan? I'm really looking forward to the new movie coming out "Darjeeling Limited". I found the short film online, sort of a companion film to the movie, written and directed by wes anderson, called "hotel chevalier", but it's already been removed. But I love this am express card comercial.

Darjeeling Limited trailer:

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

road trip with the ex..

well we talked the whole way down and the whole way back from dallas. I got to hear everything. that's guy talk for almost too much info at times, involving all the marraige troubles over the year including the first year of thier sex life yadda yadda yadda. all quite interseting.
we also relieved what the other was thinking the time I came out during the trip with her husband in their pickup a long time ago. I had assumed she knew, and turned out she had no idea at all. and she asked about other buds of mine in college that someof us think are gay, and I said, I dunno about one, and the other I said, well yeah of course but...... and we discussed what is gay, and what is Christianity and what is sin and how I live my life. and we discussed her ex husband and what she wants in her next husband, and I talked about AFghanistan and whether I should go or not.
now about Ikea, ha ha, no j/k. but it was fun to walk around there all afternoon while we talked more and thought of creative uses for the cheap stuff we came across. We also went to "world market" store afterwards and I bought 12 bottles of bottled water from Norway called "VOSS". It's a weird thing I just like that water in my fridge, it looks so cool. blah

man I had the busiest weekend, the wedding went over well, and I was ready to leave about 20 minutes after being there, in fact, the perfect response to the wedding of my one and only wife worthy ex gf seems to going to Afghanistan and just leaving the country! don't you think!? ha

no other news, roomie had a blast in COlorado at the OU game even though they lost, also his team the METS more bad news. ahh well. He is cool with me leaving some furniture inthe house even though I will store most of my things, and he's pretty sure he can get a guy to move in and rent the extra room, so I already have renters ah yeah, (IF I DECIDE TO GO).

I would blog more about my college Homecoming next weekend, but not sure if I'm going yet, and also fall break in Austin 2 weeks after that, but again who knows whats in store. ahh life, aint' it great just going one day at a time, sometime that's we can and should do!

i guess I'll get tested............

I was reading some of the "task execution plan" that came with my employment agreement today at my second meeting. and I noticed the part about being hiv tested before going to Afghanistan, and so I think tomorrow I'll go to the free place on the gay bar strip in okc and get tested. I mean seriously, i've only ever done oral, but you never know and I'd just rather get tested than sign up to take the job, quit my toher jobs, and then get tested and find out I can't do it. ALthough on the other hand, I'm completely confident there is no reason to have HIV, but I think I should get tested just because. We'll see, I may feel differently tomorrow I guess.

anyway, the offer was a good one, not extravagantly salaried but definitely worth considering.
I am supposed to get back to him by Thursday with my yes or no. I have to say I was leaving Mazzios thinking, nah I'm not going...... and I still am going to have to do a lot of thinking. basically it IS the sort of thing I love to do and like to get involved with, and I'm up for the travel, I guess it's the unkown that is difficult. Also I think I am being lazy minded considering the amount of work to get my house all boxed up and into storage somewhere. yuck
on the other hand, the opportunity to get the defense language institute training, and have the overseas experience, opportunity to learn Dari language no doubt, also pay off my house in a year, not to mention collecting rent while living away.

Oh yeah, I also have to search inside and ask if I'm running away from facing the reality of my life situation as a closet gay dude, and yet I've been wanting something different to do for a while. my current two jobs I've worked at for the past 7 years, well I really should shake it up and see what it's like with a normal 9 to 5 job albeit in kabul. ha.
more later...............................