Saturday, June 30, 2007

Black or Olive ?

I'm definitely getting one of these bags this summer(from I really like the green one with brown leather handles/trim, because the black one seems plain like anyone else's bag.
However, black is a classic clean go with anything understated cool look for travel, and maybe the green one looks to much like military fatigue....thanks for any comments. :

could anyone be GAY?

from AOL newsbloggers, the young turks, is this article "We're all gay, the question is How Much?" or this article "Is Homosexuality GEnetic? ask the ANcient Greeks"
for the record, I think Turk or Greek can be hot....
blah blah blah... if you read it leave me a comment. ha.

more summer fun........

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Double Lives On The Down Low

I was at home today, adn its been raining all week here in OKC. I'm cleaning up a lot inside the house and moving stuff around, etc... I re-read this article from an April 2003 New York Times Magazine called "Double lives on the downlow." remained just as fascinating and now that I have this blog I thought maybe others may find it a bit absorbing. anyway, according to the reported number at that time, as many as 1/3 of young black men "living on the downlow" were considered HIV infected, and 90% of those had no idea. wow, that's sobering.
what made me rethink something today was the comparison of "in the closet" to "on the Down low":

"While DL guys regard the closet as something alien (a sad, stifling place where fearful people hide), the closet can be temporary (many closeted men plan to someday ''come out''). But black men on the DL typically say they're on the DL for life. Since they generally don't see themselves as gay, there is nothing to ''come out'' to, there is no next step."

Then I compared my life and decided that I'm probably closer to the DL life than the closet life, although I'm not exactly "actively enjoying sex with men" while wanting to live a non-gay life or whatever.... The whole fear of not being seen as masculine is probably true with men regardless of race.

well anyway, if you read the article, feel free to share any thoughts here. Or if you are not completely OUT and PROUD then are you living a closet life or on the DL?

john stamos in australia, bad tv..... ahh man

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

anyone like skaters?... 6 skateboarders arrested in AR

6 were arrested in Hot SPrings AR for skateboarding on some sort of national skateboarding day. but that didn't keep the cops form tackling down a few as seen in this you tube video.....there is a story write up here.

looks like some freindly type guys...

guys, THANKS for the emails

in case anyone else does feel like emailing me,
I have a gmail account under the name Daninokc.
I think the address is also on the right here.
comments also always awesome of course.......

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

too perfect? or just damn fine inspiration.....

Science of Gaydar discussed on NPR's talk of the nation today.

Apparently there are studies showing that 75% of people can recognise a gay voice among other facts and numbers. It seems mainly sociologically regional for most items. Most of the data studied were domestic in origin. Obviously the way men act or dress in Europe most likely are no clue to what someone might consider gay here in the states, but asking local Europeans perhaps they'd be sensitive to some other measure that might signal homosexuality. I'd be interested to here from any Australians what might set off their gaydar on that conitinent.

Solid research or a bunch of bunk? You'll have to decided yourself whether or not this is affirming stereotypes or showing some actualy genetic differences. (personally I don't lean too much towards the born-that-way theory but remain undecided really; I will say I don't believe anyone is born gay or STRAIGHT and that perhaps we are all born blank slates when it comes to sexual orientation towards men, women, animals, lawn mowers, bolonga etc.....blah)
anyway, it was an intersting interview with the author David France of New York magazine.
the article is here: The Science of Gaydar.

note to self; write a post sometime on the irony of the argument of being either 100% gay or straight and no in-between, yet so much porn includes fantasy of "straight" guys turned gay, straight guys paid to have gay sex etc... and why that option is a one way ticket, for example wouldn't it be considered ridiculous to think of porn with "gay" guy turned straight because some girl rips his clothes off, or gay guy turned straight for pay....etc.

ALSO about how GAY ads continuously use the language "jock" "straight" "straight acting" "masculine" etc etc..... oh yeah and the word "discreet", is that supposed to mean discreet about being gay, or discreetly f-ing around so the bf doesn't find out,ha ....ANyone read any good blog discussion on this lately?

family murder/suicide..

intersting news story on this wrestler, Chris Benoit. you can read about the death of his wife, his son, and himself on the AOL news page here, or the cnn story is here...

shirtless sumemrs are good

Monday, June 25, 2007

8 things about me..... etc something like that I think..

I got tagged by something gloden stays buddy so I think I'm supposed to ost 8 things that are sort of strange rare facts or secrets right? ok I'll give it a try:

1. I beat off twice today, once this morning and again after working out at gym (no one else was in the shower area at all this afternoon).
2. I once went 2 weeks straight without any jerking at all while living overseas after college. was quite a feat I must say.
3. I subscribe to the following magazines: Dwell, Architectural Digest, Wallpaper, New Yorker, Smithsonian, Western Interiors, and Details (but only because it came with one of the online chatlines I joined last fall, ha). I am considering Monocle next. please comment if you enjoy any of the same periodicals...
4. I was once in two seperate Wal-Mart commercials while attending college and working at WalMart in AR. one I"m in the toy aisle talking about CHristmas toys, and the other I'm behind the Jewelry counter. I was a big dork thinking back to how many times I had to repeat everything over and over.
5. I still don't have a cell phone and never have......maybe the iphone....nah I've never had an mp3 player either........
6. I have fantasized before about getting married and comletely dropping all gay friends off for the rest of my life, including my best bud in austin. I sort of now think if I ever got married it would only be after telling her first about attraction to guys and I doubt there are any girls out there who'd accept it. Also I consider sometimes killing this blog or deleting all the porn from my home computer. closet moments I'm sure someone else could relate to.
7. There are students I've remained in contact with and others I'm recently hearing from via facebook, and I'd probably do just about anything for any one of these kids if asked to. until I have my own I consider them my kids, it has to do with the amount of trust they have in me, the connection we made in the classroom, and their situation in general growing up in a private school and some with parents who were never home but always working or shopping and so the kids are sometimes left with the drivers or maids etc... anyway, the best thing is even though it was a missionary school overseas I taught at, these kids know I accept them regardless of what lifestyle they've chosen, i.e. living a life based on their faith or based on their friends and riches etc etc...I'm so proud of all of them in their various stages of college or careers and I often feel like I would be able to make them proud by getting married. I feel the same about my parents sometime, but not too seriously, they love me regardless that is very clear to me.
8. how personal are these supposed to be anyway... (hmm what else. I could mention about how on long road trips I take a large Arizona Ice tea bottle to piss into while driving so I don't have to stop. probably too much info at this point.)
how about the fact that every night before I can fall asleep I have to sleep with my stocking cap on. ha

well hope that counts for the 8 fact tag game, bloggers.

in case the gay uniforms arent' enough.....