Saturday, May 19, 2007

Thursday, May 17, 2007


big weekend ahead.....

well my colelge bud is getting married so there is quite a schedule, I moved up my workouts this week. MOn-legs. Tue-back shoulders. and Thurs(today) chest arms. so I'd be free this weekend, unless I get some free time to run or something. (I've also been up at 6:30 swimming before breakfast everyday this week, yeah for me.)

so tomorroe a married couple fly in from NC who are staying with me. luckily they are renting a car so I can continue to clean up my home after school until they get there. If I'm really good I will have mowed the lawn AND made some chocolate chip cookies but if history serves to teach me anything I'll probably be finishing vacuming something right before they come in the door.

I'm great at putting stuff off.... what really sucks is my uncle on my mom's side who I've met twice my whole life is at my folks place this week so I'm trying to figure out how to get my usual Friday afternoon visit over there to see him, and then maybe run at the gym, and then go home and clean and stuff.... Friday night is a Welcome party in Norman. That should be a lot of fun to see old college buddies coming in for the groom, and then SOME of the bride's friends are cool, mainly the husbands of her highschool friends. All the other guys from her office are shnoozy lawyers. no offense to any lawyers reading this but here in OKC there something the lawyers have to prove to each other by putting up this attitude swarmy lifestyle thing.. I don't get it. I guess 'cause OKC so small. (now that I think about it, it's the exact same with the gay "scene" here in OKC, a bunch of idiots walking around with a bunch of attitude for no reason. WAY more relaxed in Austin, and completely relaxed in NY, I mean guys there were actually just said hey and talked some.)

so back to the wedding plans.....big Norman party Friday night, then Saturday mornig is Groomsmen guys golfing in Norman at 10 a.m. and then Satruday night the wedding, and then there is a brunch Sunday morning. ( I'll prolly skip the brunch because one thing driving to NORMAN sucks that many times back and forth, and also because I'm usually in church Sunday mornings and especially this morning with my uncle in town)

Did I ever mention my mom was born and raised in LongIsland NY, LIttle Neck? She moved out here for college and then met my born-and-raised-on-a-farm dad and stayed ever since. I think that's why I've always sort of wondered of this complete other life I could have had NOT growing up in steak-and-potatoes-OU-nation state of Oklahoma. ha.

I'm going to try and get a pic posted before I buzz my hair next weekend in Austin. That way I can show a before-after pic, of course I'll have to blur my face and all but ahh well. I want to keep it anonymo.

One more thing, for anyone in OKC. Johnny Papas is playing 10am - 2pm on Saturdays again at Cafe Do Brazil. definitely recomend it.

ALSO , the hot latino DQ news alert. He was here TUesday night and we talked for a while with him on the other side of the desk as usual before he leaves. anyway, we were talking about movies and he said he saw a preview of this movie "perfume something..." when he went and saw "300" (mm hmm). well we searche don the interenet and I figured out it was the movie, Perfume the story of a murderer. It's a french film that's already been released and he thought it was coming out this fall. anyway he said he had read the book a few years ago (in Spanish, damn he's one intelligent immgrant, no offense) and so I was telling him, ME TOO.. ha ha. it's one of my favorite books. anyway, so I told him sorry but that movie didn't show here in OKC and if it did it was one weekend only. (it's a french film). SO he has to wait and rent it now. but still I thought it cool that we liked the same book, he called it good with "an interesting ending" ha. anyone read that book??? tell me your thoughts....... I completely recommend it. don't even see the film read the BOOK(it was an international bestseller!). It is a sensory experience and like no other book you've read...I'm serious....

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

college done, summer begun

well, I still have 2 weeks of classes left, since we missed lots of days for snow, our schedule goes past memorial weekend, but only 2 days. so after I Return from AUSTIN (YEAH BABY!!!!) I will have to work that week before my summer truly begins..
anyway, this post is about college is out and summer has started for the college boys. I mention this because today at the gym, ah yeah.
a return of this one blond guy who worked out there during highschool and then last summer after his college freshman year, and now he's back this summer and man that guy has kept in shape. also at the pool this morning a new guy swimming before me, and some other muscled up younger guy changing getting ready to swim after I was done swimming and in the lockeroom getting dressed. good morning indeed summer.
I'm hitting the pool and gym religiously the next two weeks since deciding to vacation a little in TX Mem. weekend.
nothing more to post other than a school secretary telling me today that she didn't see me ever getting married and having kids. We were talkikng about her sons in the military, and how I'd like it if my kids did the military thing and how of course it must be difficult. and then she said well you got to find a wife first, but you're too picky. yeah it's true for guys and gals I've always been pretty selfishly picky. with guys I've always been attracted to the most non-assumed gay type guys (I'm closet, so go figure), and then I've always gone for the girls not to skinny but not at all fat, jsut right and with a very pretty face and definitley I am a breast man all the way. my sisters are all knockouts so I sort always compare to them for bringing anyone into the family.
OF course at the rate I'm going in looking and considering some dick action, I don't see that likely to happen either, like the secretary said, it's scary though, that she'd say that after I was just considering it last weekend. dang it all.

beach days, summer is HERE

college parties.... under where?

Monday, May 14, 2007

Aussie bum... more than you wanted to know....

someone give me an opinion on these dudes trying on each other's or straight or does it matter... ha. it is cool they are comfortable with each other obviously. Chad and Gunner... nothing better than the guy next door types. eh ( these guys HAVE to be in OKlahoma somewhere, the way chad talks and says "y'all" guess is up near TUlsa or some satellite city of Tulsa... you never know....)

last weekend........

haven't really blogged much lately........
I always feel a bit of despair on holidays including Mother's day, when I began to fret about never having a family or children. I guess it has to do with each year passing and I have yet to spread forth my seed and reproduce some offspring. I just feel it a manly duty, no matter what you want to say about gay guys adopting. or anyone adopting for that matter.
I think I have grown up with so much love in my big family I could wait to reproduce that love but in my own way, with my own rules and policies and huge amount of love and support thrown around. I'm sure I probably have all sort of wild crazy ideas about raising kids. but mostly they are pretty traditional and conservative. I know I'd like to take my kids with me everywhere and spend any time available with them just teaching them and encouraing them to learn and have interest in things and an amount of respect for other people. all that good stuff. Not to mention I've always been extremely curious what they'd look like, their mannerisms, which parts would be like me or their mom, who would get along or who wouldn't. ANd then most guys probably have that science experiment type theory of how to raise a kid to be a genious. ha.
You'd be suprised how many great all around smart kids have parents who are teachers. maybe not but I feel like I'm always meeting some great driven smart person who is really successful and making a LOT more than teachers who had teachers as parents.... well maybe I'm just dreaming since I am a teacher. so anyway, that was me last weekend jsut wishing I had kids again. like when I mowed the lawn and sat down on the porch to look at it, and thought, hmm now if I had a wife to bring me some ice tea, or some kids to throw the ball back and forth with on this nice lawn.
And I'm definitely veril and able. My "catch cloth" can attest to that. anyone else keep something handy near the bedside to clean up after pleasing yourself at night? jsut wondering. in college all the guys in my house called it a catch cloth. although I've heard guys also say cum rag.
Perhaps someone has heard or used some other term you'd like to share as a comment.
I've heard from the archtitect student in AUSTIN, JT. he wrote an email about advice for falling for someone pretty hard who he thinks is gay but has no ideas, and lately is thinkingt maybe he isnt'. Yeah I know it sounds confusing but he's closet like me so go figure. Of course it sucks a little hearing he's fallen for some guy but then again I'm in OKC so no big deal, and he's def worth keeping as a friend anyway. damn hot, I was sort of thinking JT is so damn hot that if the guy hasn't made a move by now, he may not be gay. he he.
I'm loving the weather here in OKC lately. lot's of rain and cool sunny days around 70-80.
there's this one senior boy that had on a t-shirt and grey sweat pants and was walking towards me outdoors on my way to the cafeteria ( our high school is more like a college campus with seperate buildings) well anyway, there he was in all his glory bulging and oh man, this kid had round shoulders and nice legs, and I noticed and then just looked straight forward and thought, dang, he's GOT to be aware of that the little stinker. He could be 18 by now but i have a policy of not checking out any girl or guy student at my school and going there.. uh uh. The coaches that work in my building are another story though, this one guy who is HUGE and has these bulging biceps and seat of his pants, quiet small town guy doesnt' say much. History teacher of course ( and the worse, the typical read a chpater, do a worksheet type...) and used to play college f ball for OSU. damn fine. and I try and play it cool and never talk to the guy, but when I do, it's hard not to jsut stare at this guy. He's the type that I know if I ever said anything he'd blush immediately, maybe before punching me out. he he. he's younger only taught 3 years and has no gut, just big and built but not over muslced out or anything....hmm
btw I hit legs tonight at gym and am taking glutamine tabs again and plan to swim daily and eat eggs for breakfast every morning. this is all in prep for AUstin, you'd be surprised what you can do in just 2 weeks, If nothing else I'll feel a little sexier and confident once I get back to that town!

not gay, just good 'old buddy love, I thought Slugger might appreciate this one........