Saturday, April 21, 2007

summers coming....ready for the lake!

Avenue Montagne

just saw a french film showing tonight at the museum downtown. Great movie. left me feeling really romantic and single.... it sucks. Very hot french blond waitress in the movie, in one scene she appears in underwear and I imiagined just falling right into some of that. ahh yeah. And one of the characters plays piano aand I almost felt like crying at some points. good piano.I was imagining on the way home of living in France, everything seems so much more casual there. I was daydreaming about whether there is gay and straight there or is there just sex. ha.

man there is a really bizarre Bjork performance going on SNL tv just now. as if we'd expect anything different.good weekend to all.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

is either gay or do we care....

hard to say, I don't go for either one of these guys, but I thought this was funny, I don't which is a gay signal, his flirting about the size of his tie, the other guys quick comeback about the size joke, or ryan's stare and flirt at the end, or his immidiately giggle.. ha ha, check it out. ( oh yeah, and leave a comment somebody....)

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

V-tech tribute..

this is not meant in bad taste, only to show that what happened in Virginia Tech could have happened at any college. It's what shocks everyone in this country, the victims are like the same people we know, same as our college friends, same professors living the dream of sharing knowledge and making a difference in someone's life, same day to day acquaintances we may never consider important, same random fellow students with dreams and goals working hard toward some sort of career or life of service, or perhaps some students the same shirtless guys found at any college athletic game......Can't you picture a college building with the generic painted brick hallways, and classrom like any other full of students from different cliques and sides of campus toting their backpacks and rolling into class each morning with the same hoodie sporting the school's logo, a safe place where young men come and go regularly year to year during that time in their lives experiencing each needed step of "the college life"? And then the real world infringes upon that life. An attack like this wakes us all up to wonder what might be happening to our national community as a whole, that such hate and cruelty could exist among any of us, and even then to act out so violently and willingly. And we are left with the questions of why and how. Why hadn't something been done that could have prevented this man from continuing down such a dark twisted hole of self hate and loneliness. And how can we learn to remain feeling secure and safe, and to attempt prevention of such actions ever being repeated.
It's difficult to stop watching and listening to news. But each one has a story. And no one knows yet just how anything could have been prevented if at all. I begin to think about what I might like to print out with a prayer included and take to the OKC national memorial this weekend to leave as a memorial to the victims.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Time to chill.........

King's of Convenience
go get one of their CD's.... NOW!

What a world !

you can imagine that said in frustration or in wonder.
today it's frustration. I ran and worked legs before work tonight, but the frustration remains...
I don't feel like blogging anything, I don't feel like emailing anybody, I don't feel like recomending anything, or having an opinion on anything. I don't feel like any porn or self pleasure tonight either.
but I do feel like watching some more news maybe after work, think a little more about what makes a person FLIP OUT. how we can live in comfort and peace in the country and still enjoy it "freedom of riches" and all that.
I mean it's tought times to live in right now anything, politics so polarized, govts seemingly bought out by lobbyists, barbaric acts of war still proceeding in 2007, young adults being shot down, in this country and Iraq. I even consider the young muslim extremists convinced to fight and sacrifice themselves. What does it take for men to get along on this earth? Perhaps that's what sin nature is all about. That this world never was meant to become any sort of paradise, although in America perhaps we'd like to think we have it due to our wealth. But in these modern times I think we are learning that "democratic Capitolism" was indeed NOT the last great idea. because the rich leave the poor behind, and they become so desperate, they are willing to kill themselves during the attack. what an outcome.

on an up note..... if possible, what a great (and tragic) story about the Holocaust survivor professor who at 76 was pushing back on a classroom door , telling his students to flee, and got shot in the process. wow.

anyone like a bear?

Monday, April 16, 2007

Jeff from Peace Corps....

AUtomatic...the monster

obvious corny low budget video, so try not to watch, just listen.
this song is crazy, but also pretty dad gum catchy tune.
I like it, check it out;

32 fall victim at Virginia Tech

current news reports that there were 2 victims shot and killed at one dorm, and then 2 hours later 30 others were shot and killed before the gunman shot himself. 15 other victims have been reported injured and/or in critical condition. Sad day on American college campuses. One can only wonder why in the world this person would have been so motivated. I hope colleges and the country as a whole can react to this in a proactive way. Just posting this to keep a memory for my own sake of the news today.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

weekend over, anyone survive?...

excellent show on PBS tonight all about America at war. part two is coming up this week, and if you watch PBS (in the states) on Monday is a show all about soldier testimonials.
man, really makes ya think what is going on in the world, the whole islam culture clash is BIG.
I had a great weekend, worked some extra at the school and went out and saw a movie last night and then to a bar.just a quick post before hitting the sack here tonight.......
To guys in Oklahoma city, there is a cool bar called "sidecar" on western. anyway its sort of a rocknroll alt crowd but its also a mix str8/gay bar. and very relaxed and chill, it's also very small, but its a good random bar to check out for drinks on the weekends.
I used to see this one newscaster here in okc there all the time last summer. I want to meet that guy but never could get him over to talk to me, and I'm to chickenshit to go up and talk to guys, so there ya go. anyway I hear he has a bf out of state, but this summer I hope to get out on the weekends some more and maybe I'll just have to go up and say HEY!
received an email from the lawyer stud from last week, so will be cool if we get the chance to "hang out" again. hope everyone had a good weekend.

underwear first and then.........

put a sock on it............