Saturday, March 31, 2007

another saturday night, and I ain't got nobody....etc

hey just got back from the party. a lot of fun, food, drink, new people all around.
some really smart cool people at the party my friend from work invited me too near downtown at this guy's place. I'm pretty sure one of the guys was gay, but not like I would ever be interested in him , sort of fem, but a very cool guy nonetheless. There was a hot girl I was dancing with a lot, great breast and over all nice build. she is a hairdresser we talked about hair gels I liked. whatever.
anyway, I'm about to hit the sack here. had a great run today all around downtown near the gym, then came home and did lot of yard work before chilling and going to the party.
hope all are having an awesome weekend.

hello Ward.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Impanema.........let's go

shout out to Made in Brazil. LINK ON THE RIGHT ---->

this site gives you all sort of fashion pics, brazilian style, and plenty of travel ideas to big brazil. ahh yeah....
and Brazilianos, say NO to boardshorts!

let's hear it for Havaianas...

This brand of "flip-flops" I wear all summer, and the patented rubber sole really is extremely comfortable. I had to get used to the narrow plastic strap at first, but then I'm good to go all summer. COMFORTABLE. check it out at right here.

a whole new world, indeed!.... gay or just French?

guy on left... cute. right?

more gym motivation... I've never seen this show, and some of the guys are probably big dorks, but it does look good anyhow...

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

summer's cummin up... soon I hope.

speaking of shopping....

considering these puma slip-ons, but not sure if I like dark or light, but I know I love slip-on shoes in the summer...of course I saw these in a Puma ad in Details magazine so I hate that I was sucker for the advertising but.....only $59.95 with free shipping here....
and this adidas not too bad, I like doing the skater look.

things about guys regardless of where they want to put it......

there's a link to AUSSIELISCIOUS blog on the right.
If you hadn't checked it out lately, there was recently quite a good discussion about straight guys and why one would check out his blog, or straight guys and nudity and then back and forth about how if they are really gay or not. etc etc.
overall I agree with guys who said, yes you can check out other naked guys and NOT be gay. check it out for an intersting read.
THey were discussing English accents on NPR a few days ago, all the different regional varieties, and how people train to lose them or attain them for acting.

anyway, the expert mentioned that world wide , studies have show that men take on an accent and use local slang sooner and more rapidly than women, not an intelligent issue but a choice of adaptation and acceptance. It makes sense to me, I think most guys want acceptance and respect among other men and consider more that women might. just an idea.

I was also thinking about Denys's comment the other day, on how gay I sounded to go on about how I woke up and just put on anything to go to work in the other day-- and then of course that's the day this hot guy shows back at my night job. well, yeah maybe it sounds gay, but overall I think a lot of guys are fashion aware of their clothing whether gay or straight, maybe the gay guy is just more willing to discuss or go on about it, or maybe feel free to do so.
I know plenty of straight guys who are all concerned about what they wear, and I know gay guys who could care less ( I've seen them beileve me. ha). I put myself just left the middle, I'm not a major shopper but I know what I like and what looks good on me, and these days I have enough clothing and spend more on traveling or shopping for the house in general.

there was this one little yougner buff guy at the gym yesterday in really tight workout shorts, the bulge was pretty obvious, and then today another tall athletic muscluar type guy working out but with loose sweatpants on, but you know when he was walking you could everything in front pretty clearly. It made me wonder if guys are aware of how much they are showing or maybe not? I mean guys are guys regardless of orientation and I think most guys have this little competitive side that's always aware of how we measure up in one way or another, I don't mean just size, but intelligence, ability, job earnings, charisma, machismo etc etc... I know when my best bud up in AR got his Masters degree something clicked in my that made me immediately follow through in getting mine, and whenever he discusses a doctorate, I think to myself, well I could do that too. ANd I'm the least competitive person I know, seriuosly. I think some guys are pretty aware what sort of bulge shows and either don't care or like it, and I don't think its a gay/str8 thing, just guys showing other guys what they have, sort of like the nudity issue. I think I became aware sometime after college, this was also about the time my legs actually grew some muscle and anything showed to begin with. ha.


shower fun

while I"m at it..........

this video is from 89 or 90, you can see the dorkiness 80s style in the video setup. pretty bad. try to listen without watching. this is one of my favorite CD's. "First of a million kisses" by Fairground Attraction. I can listen to this CD over and over while working around the house. If you like some romantic lyrics, and singing along to music when alone, this is good. everyone I've ever given this to has loved the CD. I bought it randomly in college after reading a rolling stones write-up.

"call up my radio, give him my number, tell him to put it out on the air. There must be someone -- there must be someone like me, sitting lonely as a boat out there....."

Embrace - Gravity

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


man I can't find my name badge anywhere and I'm supposed to be wearing it at the highschool now. we got them a couple weeks before spring break, and one week off of routine was just long enough for me to have no idea where mine could be. ahh well, $5 to replace. I guess I can handle it.
I hope the latin dude returns tomorrow here at work. I mean the way our eyes meet while we talk and smile and laugh. oh man. he could be straight as a board but I still enjoy the comaradery. sp?
J in Austin has a motorcycle and bike, no car. so meeing in Dallas is out. but I'm lookoing froward to seeing him again and hanging out whenever that may be. He may or may not be in Austin this summer, depends where he gets and internship. so even if I visit labor day weekend, he could be gone by then. we shall see.
I worked my legs hard yesterday adn felt it today. I'm going to lift this week like normal since I took a week off for spring break, and then start using Creatine next week just to push me over my plateau on the weights. I'm also beginning more abs stuff each day, and I've begun doing daily pushups and pullups. just because.
anyone else seen the fitness comercial of the guy that says in just 90 days you'll get look bigger and more defined, and its just from doing a random variety of exercise and workouts the whole time. That really is the key to success. That was the best thing about having a real trainer at the GOld's gym in Central america when I lived there. he alwyas had me doing something different each week, serious. of course it was also awesome to pay him like $8 an hour. ha.

Monday, March 26, 2007

yeah, I could go for some square cut...

(too bad she lost the ability to speak after the lip job. gee whiz)

same guys, same humor, hot and funny

hot latin guy returns for night classes.........

oh man oh man, wouldn't you know it the day I get up on the Monday after spring break and put on absolutely anything to wear to work today. For example I put on this pair of slacks that are sort of baggy and pleated in front, and a random green striped polo shirt. well wouldn't you know the same day I feel like, who cares, I'm not seeing anyone I'm trying to especially look good for today...etc etc, you know the feeling, I'm all confident from having some fun over spring break and just not caring when I left to work this morning..... well anyway, wouldn't you know this is day that the hot latin stud comes back to study at my night job. and looking damn good.
He's 27 solid built round and muscular and hard and big beautiful eyes that look right at mine while we're talking sometimes. and thick lips. the sort of big head and body hard construction worker type. actually he is a welder. You may remember a post last summer about the hot latin guy who had this t-shirt on that said in spanish "in case of fire, pull the hose" and then an arrow pointing down. man that was hiim, and he's still hot.
he shows up today to say he wants to continue improving his English, which is actually very good. btw, he's got a wife and a daughter. Last summer he told me they weren't getting along, but I"m not asking how they are doing now, I'm afraid it might sound too hopeful that things are still going bad. ha. I wouldn't wish that on anybody, but still, this guy. I really wonder what if, if he came over some beers some night. I mean we laugh and joke and talk about anything, and he's really great on listening and expanding on what I'm talking about.etc. If only I played soccer, he's asked me to hang out and play soccer on the weekend once before.
serious, whether or not I felt a signal from this guy, I'd be more than happy to just hang out and be buds with him. so cool and once again I'll say, HOT.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

thank his gf for taking these pics.........and thanks to the stud for serving the USA.

spring break over..........

well I guess I reached some sort of goal, working out a lot and getting out of town. Now I'm sitting back at home and doing my taxes. chilling, getting the trash out on the street for pick up tomorrow morning. showered up , teeth brushed... routine, back to routine.
I didn't work out all last week just ran every day, and the yard work I guess is exercise.
Next week I'm hitting it again, guy I was with in Austin seemed to like it, (J stud). So I'm encouraged to get it going a little tighter, harder, and maybe start cutting off sugar for a while.
I'm going to be considering a lot these next few months, for example, return to school or switch education jobs. something. I haven't missed school at all this week, and usually i love getting back to the kids. I think its mainly just 2 students I have in particular this year. they are completely spoiled babies and haven't tried at all to get their English going. ahhw ell. here we go back to life..............

thanks tons for any comments....

thanks to the guys commenting on what they like.
good to know other guys enjoy the blog, or what they like about the pics.
keep 'em coming, and I'll keep the posts up no prob.
hope all are having a great spring weekend.

Mike home to visit with a fellow marine buddy....