Friday, March 23, 2007

snow and surf and hot guys, good combo

spring trip photos..... ahh

austin part 2

I've been pretty busy since getting back from big Austin, Texas.
I wanted to update on my last night in Austin when I got to JA again. what a blast. Tuesday I lingered around the house I was staying at and eventually got out to get some lunch and shop around near UT campus and then drove around AUstin some more. got back in time to lay around some and watch tv, and missed an email from JA that he was free from 5-7pm and I got that email at ten til 7. sucked, anyway, i called him and we set up to meet after his lab class around 8:30 or 9pm. this worked out great 'cause I went again to my buddy's NA meeting with him and it ended at 9. so later we met up at my bud's place. and then after some small talk in the kitchen we walked downtown to find somewhere to eat. walked and talked and talked. great fun, man I kept looking at him or wanting to touch him. he he. but it was cool, we discussed more about him living in Austin and his school etc etc
we walked downtwon and most places closed, so we went back to the house and took my pickup a little further downtown parked and walked around, most places still closed, then we went to an all night diner downtwon, katz's. really good, ate some food and talked more.
drove back to the house, and offered to take him back homesince he biked over, and before hie got the bike in the back of my truck, I got out and mentioned, hey do you want to hang out some more before you go, and he asekd, yeah is there a couch we can make out on?... ha ha, pefect answer.
we went inside, and my buddy's not official bf was in the kitchen so we said hey, and went to the study off of the kitchen..... etc etc
was really hot to just lay down together make out, get out hands rubbing here and there, relax, eventually and slowly get some things off and go from there. so great. oh man.
anyway, I took him back to campus to get his computer from his studio and then took him to his house, he lives with two gay guys who apparently don't know he messes around with guys.
This is to my advantage because he is unsure of meeting gay guys in Austin because he figures they might know his roomates, so a guy from out of town was just right for some fun.
I drove home Wednesday afternoon, went to IKEA store there, yes I know how gay, and shopped and ate lunch and then blew $200 on some great stuff, I swear.
left IKEA at 2:45 and pulled into my driveway at 8:30 so just under 6 hours on the road. this was with one subway sandwich stop and no other stops needed with the use of some arizona ice tea bottles i keep in the truck for long drives to pee in. has a nice wide opening at the top etc etc.
anyway, it's also quicker going through Fort Worth and not deal with Dallas traffic.
I'm home tomorrow and today doing yard work, perfect cloudy weather, been to the gym both days running for 30 min and stretching and doing sit ups and pullups yadda yadda.
tonight I may go see a movie or visit my parents. after Austin , OKC still at the back of mind this weekend. hope everyone had a great week. let me know if you had any spring break fun.

military buddies...........

Monday, March 19, 2007

Austin spinrg break and this HOT UT GUY I met

well I had a post ready about BR who I met at lunch yesterday and is HOT as all get out, older buff type guy in a baseball cap and polo and cargo shorts, you know the frat boy type look. He is from Pennsylvania and my bud H here in Austin asked him to lunch with us, and then H, H's sort of not really bf, and I all went to his apt last night to watch some foreign flims "Inheritance" a Danish film which was good with the usual realistic ending. SO when we left his place, I was flirting some saying all th is crap about him loking good, and he was saying crap about sucking each other off, etc etc. but I wasn't sure how I'd be able to see him again while here on vacation. WELL anyway, no need. I contacted a guy that I'll cal JA Friday and emailed some on Sat, called him on Sun, and then this morning. we met. so HOT. this guy 28 and all round and curved in the right muscular places from NY by way of the west coast and now studies here in austin to become an ARCHITECT. damn coudl it be any cooler. anyway, he found this blog so I can't blog too much info about how hot his body is, or how damn sexy his dark eyebrows are, or how his face and grin looks like it walked off of a tv commercial. But I will say it was so cool to just make out and touch and grind and roll around and jerk and mess around in general after we had some conversation, not to mention having a lot more conversation afterward and just hanging out for a while. (did I mention his smile and round hard body?) He had to be at class by 1pm today starting back after spring break last week. I hope to see him again soon and will definitely want to keep in touch if I'm ever again in Austin which seems likely, also this guy is the type of normal masculine guy i would love to just hang out with anywhere, and he seems to be the kind of guy that may enjoy running around and hanging out. oh yeah and he came over on a motorcycle, which I walked him back to but didnt' get a chance to see him in his helmet, ahh well next time stud.
today I went out for lunch, pizza, at a very cool place called "portabla" on 6th street and Blanco. relaxed a bit at the house, went out shopping and then my friend came back home early from work, and we plan to go run around a bit before dinner.

Sunday, March 18, 2007


having a great time in austin, the city has been PACKED out with people.
here is what's going on this weekend, South by Southwest - a HUGE music festival for rock bands from all over the country and actually many from foreign countries, (they are the ones getting most of the buzz this year, is what people are saying) Championship Rodeo in town, girls state basketball tournament, and saint patricks day yesterday. makes for some huge crowds at all the bars downtown.
I arrived late friday night after driving down with tons of traffic going south on I35 and hung out here at my buds place all night, Saturday went to the dog park. Many hot guys run around this path bth the river downtown. I wish I could have been runnign with them but we were throwing the ball back in the river for his dog to fetch. lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant and back home for some hang time, then drive around and shop, tons of people up and down Congress street walking around. went to the gym yesterday afternoon. hot guys here in austin at the YMCA near downtown by the river. and then last night my friend went to his meeting while I went out and checked the crowds at the bars downtown. slept in this morning, and maybe going to connect with J tonight or tomorrow morning. depends on when his roomates are not around.
hope all are having an great weekend or perhaps even ready for a great spring break.