Friday, March 09, 2007

Thursday, March 08, 2007

just got back from TULSA! zipped right in and out, concert was so wonderful, i had an excellent time and was jumping and moving around and singing and throwing my arms or fist in the air and screaming all night.
OKGO a great energetic show, and SNOW PATROL completelyl excellent. I'll make a post all about it soon. I just threw off my wrist band onto the floor and kicked my shoes off across the floor near the dresser, and am going to strip down, jump in the shower and then crash into bed, school tomorrow morning 8 am. 1:30 now but I'll get a little sleep and after I get off work at 3pm the weekend begins! ahh yeah!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

dark hair, pecs, hmmmm


I'm getting excited for the show tomorrow, I took off work and have ticket ready. I'm meetings a bunch of college buddies (married and straight) who are coming from Arkansasas. I will be sort of living out a dream I've had ever since really getting into the song "run" from their last CD. to see that performed live, and me present getting to rock and sing with the show. hopefully should be an awesome time...
The current CD out is "Eyes wide Open", and it's had some great releases here in the US. BUt I have to tell you that "fianl straw" is my favorite, and I recomend you go buy it now. I can listen to the cd over and over, and I have. diverse mix of songs, and a lot you can mellow out with or just sing along in the car with.. etc.
also the band "OKGO" will be opening. shweet!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

all in good fun and nothing is wrong with a little fun.....

i hung out with a bunch of great guys in college, missionary kids, guys in bands, soccer and rugby players, a couple rednecks thrown in...and we would act like this constantly, some of the guys always lounging around on the couch, and this soccer stud always sitting in the lap of this one guy and just playing it up, (he was a missionary kid raised in Ecuador and had no personal space at all, great guy) the jokes and carefree nudity, was quite an eyeopener for this Oklahoma boy. I thought nothing of it til I started sort of wondering about a few of them my last year in school, well that and my growing curiosity at that point. anyway, I think it completely awesome when straight guys can be so confident and comfortable with dudes and not afraid to share some love between buds.

ali G as Bruno....

feel like dancing.....

Monday, March 05, 2007

all them posters, must keep the boys in the mood huh...

Dan's favorite things 2.....

These are my favorite pair of shoes. What I think is really cool about wearing stuff is when it's not likely other guys will have on the same thing, and I have yet to see someone else in these. I bought this pair of shoes at the Doc Marten Shoestore in London. I found them on sale for 25 pounds which in August of 2001 was about $37 US. I have always regretted not buying the blue pair as well ( the whole blue suede shoes thing) but I didn't want too much to carry back home at the time on the plane. Anyway, even though these shoes look bulky and big they are extrememly comfortable. I wear them a lot in the fall and winter with khaki's at work, although they really look best with jeans on the weekends. I was pleasantly surprised a year ago to find another pair brand new my size on ebay. (second picture) what luck! Nothing better than knowing my favorite pair of shoes whenever worn out or lost will be easily replaced.

when two youtube worlds collide.....

this is aweomse, the funny canuk stud from bufumufu posts on william sledd.. ha.

queen of goth, right?

goth rock, not what it's like today...

thanks for the comments

got some good feedback from last weekends post including email, my email addy is @gmail , just use the name daninokc. thanks for all the great comments. will try to keep up with some good pics to post, and keep the entries real and/or interesting enough to get you thinking.

high of 72 today, I don't know why the weather is worth posting, I guess since it changes so much. My mom says when she moved out here from Long Island to go to college and met my dad, she was amazed at how much they always talked about the weather. (my dad was from a farm family up in north OK). ha.

things are falling into place for my next trip to NYC, prolly going to have to wait until July 4th though, but the good thing is I'm going with my buddy from Austin and we'll have his freind's place to stay at so no hotel budget. sweet.

I'm pretty pumped for next weekend. the Big 12 college basketball tournament is in town all week starting tomorrow. heck yeah I will definitely be out at some bars in OKC this Friday night, they willb e packed, I may even go out to some of the gay bars in OKC to see if anyone is from out of town and checking them out, you never know. Ever since that story Slugger wrote on "a Gay Athlete" blog, about meeting the guy at the gay bar in Las VEgas, how they both were sneaking away from the str8 crowd to go check things out. well, OKC is nothing like that, but still it gives you hope that there are cool guys out there showing up at a bar now and then.

The next great thing about next weekend is the car show is in town, I've been the last 4 years and I love going to this thing at the fairgrounds. I'm not any big car guy or anything, but I really enjoy just sitting in cars and comparing their design and look. I especially like sitting in the Jeeps, Mustangs, and Landrover. Last year the big new feature in a lot of cars was pulling the trunk out to make a picnic for parking lot cookouts, which is just right for OKC and the many many football fans here. I'll be checking that out next weekend for sure with my other gay closet bud here in okc. Oh yeah, not to mention there are always hot guys at the car show to also check out. nice.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

feel free to comment on pics you like.... hope you like these college boys...

sleeping buddies....ahhhh

first March weekend 2007

I think I just hit a year in the blog. I'm not sure but I started doing the blog thing last March except I erased it all and started over in June when I made the mistake of commenting on a straight friend's blog under this sign in. oh well.............
It has been a blast blogging about the whole in the closet situation, definitely a huge comfort to read other blogs to see how gay guys live their lives not just the stereotypes of gay guys, although some blogs are those too. and the closet or bi or discreet guys or whatever blogging, or confused or not, all good. I seriously appreciate anyone in any situation. I also have found it very thrilling to find other guys having been raised with Christian beliefs and who are able to reconcile or find a compromise somehow between being gay and continuing in their Christian faith. That's what I've sort of been searching for now for a while.

but that's not why I'm posting today. I went to my parents after school Friday ( I dont' work fri pms) to see my sister who was in town. anyway, I was going on about my trip to NY and at one point my mom said, you know I always thought you'd live in a big city in California or New York and just thrive and really fit in there. to which I said, ok well then I'll move. I was just kidding and she said nah, I don't mean now, I like having you near family...

ANyway, I think it shows that mom sees I have a lot of interests and dream and ideas regardless if she thinks I'm gay or not, she knows I'd like to experience a lot more than what I find here in OKC. ha! I've had a very busy weekend, I went to the gym after my folks place. and worked chest and arms forever, great workout! it's awesome when I can throw in little stuff at the end when I don't have to rush off anywhere. ANyway, this blond muscle dude spoke to me about the bench press bar curls I was doing. HE was saying something about using a cable bar and building up to that point where you are weak right in the middle of curling up like right at 90 degrees. anyway, he had a sort of australian accent and I'd never seen him up there before so I was distracted enough by his accent and also jsut the general break inconcentraion from doing my reps, that I totally didn't understand what he was saying by the time he'd left, although I made the proper small talk, of yeah I'll try that etc etc.. There's a gym rule everyone should follow about not giving advice unless asked. HOWEVER, from a huge muscle guy, who obviously knows what he's doing if he's that big, I consider it allowed to tell me anything. just my opinion.
My favorite workout day is definitlye arm and chest day. I love getting all pumped up and walking back to shower up and then checkingout the back of my arms and chest way bigger, while it lasts anyway. I HAVE been actually shaking up my workouts with some different workouts and cable stuff and it really does help to not jsut do the same exact sets over and over each week.

so after the work out I went to the state fair arena for the class A high school state basketball finals. it was awesome, so many people turn out jsut to watch the games that are not even from the schools. that is pretty cool. my brother-in-law grew up where his parents would always take the family to watch the state finals regardless fo what schools, so he loves going. this year another of my brother in laws was coaching one of the teams so my whole family was there in support. later Friday night I went out to this art gallery called IAO here in OKC downtown for some sort of Erotic Art festival, I have no idea what it was but a lot of nudes and art all over, but really no one was there for the art much, there was a live band, then a drag queen show wearing weird out fits, and lot of beer and food, and a huge paper mache penis in the back where people did ring toss. oh yeah and about 5 or more different girls walking around topless with their chest sprayed body painted, and some other girls walked around with feather ticklers on sticks tickling people in their face etc, me included, which is always nice to get flirt with... sort of weird but also very different, I suggest anyone in okc at least check it out next year. I actually saw this "straight" guy i know from onlin twice last summer and twice the summer before he's called me to come over to his place when his roomate was out of town, muslcy brown curly headed frat boy looking wrestler type, big dark greek eys and thick lips, anyway, of course we ignored each other completely, he was with a group of str8 buds.

the thrill of the night was chatting for a long time with this str8 dude Kyle, a chef at tom and jerry's in okc. He had s on born Friday in Venezuela and was going see the baby on Sat. ANyway, he lived there for a year and left behind a souvenir( his words) so we were going on about our travels and speaking spanish, and I loved him leaning on my cause he's been drinking a lot of beer, but I didn't like him spitting on me while laughing and talking about stuff. but I did llike hime introducing me to his buds and chatting it up with me whle we waited for our mutual friends to come back in from smoking. my bud RR from dallas was in town, in fact he's the one that called and told me to come out to see the erotic art show in the first place. If only I could say I went home with Kyle, but nah, we shook hands and I left when my friend RR left. I came straight home and crashed.

I volunteered Saturday morning downtown, went to the gym for a 25 mintues run, then lunch at the museum cafe, and then came home and nursed my cold or allergies or whatever. been miserable ever since. today I took some clariton D after church which had somewhat of an effect.

I'm listening to my Bole to Harlem cd now on the computer and its awesome, I'm about to turn it up loud while I go do some laundry and pic up stuff and put it away, all over the house! that's Sunday.
I was out doing yard work this afternoon, digging up some stuff and moving it to different beds, and breaking off dead growth on some perenialls in the yard. warning I go crazy this time of year waiting for the summer to come so I can get outside every morning and mess around in the yard. I'll try to save all those posts for my real blog.....

someone comment and say what's up with your weekend, or tell me what you like about gay blogs online this past year......