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nitzer ebb - straight from the 80s

so close... come on, have some fun

more new york the armory 2007 and this weekend...

there was a lot of war inspired art at the armory from different countries, very cool, these are the ones I most appreciated, 2 paintings and a rug....(once again my apologies for not having the names or titles)

I'm almost at the weekend. it feels good to stay in town this weekend, get stuff done around the house that I missed last week, place is a bomb right now clothes everywhere, single guy live alone just come home and undress and drop it wherever. i know sounds bad, but it never gets too bad really I clean it up every weekend. I'm going to a jazz show/art exhibit at untitled artspace tomorrow night, this girl at work invited me so that should be intersting, after wards I'll be meeting up with a drinking buddy, and then later that night I plan to meet up with my bud RR from dallas who is in town with his friend ( the one he jsut cuddles with that I mention before, supposedly he's hot) anyway, I HAVE to give him this graphic novel I jsut finished reading called "Fun Home" was written by this lesbian author about her growing up with a gay dad that she never realized was gay til during college etc... very cool book. He's working on his own sort of graphic novel about growing up in an extremely conservative churchy atmosphere and being abused some as a kid etc etc, so I know he'll like reading this one.

volunteer work this weekend downtown and maybe a movie sat night. anyone got something intersting planned this weekend?

get to the gym guys! summer fun is coming....

brothers on a bungalow beach

beach and brazil and hot......

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

the Armory Show New York 2007 contd..

these were
cool, some photos of sculpture of indians and pilgrims. and then the chess board. Notice that one side the hands are all sort of aggressive gestures and the other side all laid back and friendly. I appreciate that. more pics coming.

English only bill Oklahoma state

i read this article about how the Oklahoma tribes are asking that legislators to NOT support the ENglish only bill. something about how they have indian languages being taught in certain schools to preserve their native language and this bill may affect that...??? I don't know sounds strange to me. basically the bill would require that all state documents be provided in English only and not have to be printed in other languages (well, not like they print them in Indian languages or any of the other languages in OKlahoma, just Spanish). Having an English only policiy unites this state because if we are all able to speak the same language we can better understand one another. having a bunch of different languages only separates us. I guess they see this as an anti immigrant bill, but I have to say if you choose to live in a country where another language is spoken then learn the language! THe state has not been providinig anything in Indian languages so I am suspect about the fuss by the Indian nation against the bill. Only thing I can think of is they are afraid of losing a bunch of mexican workers of something, but I'm pretty sure the casinos only hire native americans with an Indian card.

Of course you can probably guess I'm completely for English only. THe Indian nation says that Oklahoma is not open to diversity, that's the dumbest thing I ever heard, this bill has nothing to do with accepting diversity. It's about uniting us under one langues regardless of who is joing the "melting pot" , If cultures live separately and never learn to communicate in one common language then how is that considered "melting in".English only is needed here desparately. ANd while we're at it huge penalties for the people hiring them. if there were no jobs there would not illegal immigrants coming to this country. My dream would be that Illegale immigrants quit finding work, and they would stay in Mexico and through force or democracy , demand changes be made in their own country to improve economy, jobs, government etc....

The armory show 2007 New York

i regret not getting all the names and titles of these pieces. but I was way too overwhelmed with all the stuff to see. here is a map, a light fixture involving cocoanuts, and tables supported by laser cut wood frames.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

on the guys team?....

one thing i dread with guys........

is the eventual question, "so what do you like to do?"
I don't know if that's because I am taking too long to get off or what. Or maybe the guy just wants to see how far I'd be interested in taking it. Or maybe they sense I'm happy just doing "everything but" and get bored with it. But still it seems pretty mechanichal to me and only emphasizes the fact in my mind that it is, in fact, just that, physical machanics only no real interest, thoughts, feelings, care, etc for anything more about me, just the body. And yeah, we guys ARE like that. But sometimes just going through the motions kind of bothers me, no matter how hot the guy. It's really weird and I don't even know why I'm bothering actually meeting up and undressing and etc with a guy. anyway, the brazilian guy in NYC friday night. We discussed going somewhere to make out in private, and had all sorts of fun making out, eventually both undressed and jo and oral. and that was great until he asked "so what else you like to do"..... The Utah guy said the same thing at my place. Well basically I figure that means; so you top or bottom?
I guess I'm just screwed up with wanting everything sort of just naturally paced out and romantic and not just wham bam and thankyou. I guess that's what keeps me from coming out altogether, having everyone assuming I'm having anal sex, when in reality even if I did come out, I still don't think I'd be interested. And I don't need any blog comments from salesmen tops saying, "you just haven't been with the right guy etc...."
actually there is some truth to that, I mean if I had the best friend ever that we both wanted to go further with what we did and slow and little by little get to going at it, I guess I would be interested to try and get into more, just letting go etc.... I can see maybe it'd be different. getting guys is just too easy, it's getting the exact right quality of guy not just into the sex that has proven most difficult. and getting girls is not too hard either but one thing I'll say about NYC they look SO MUCH hotter there and less FAT. sorry any OKC women reading this which I doubt.
I have this bud RR in Dallas, the one I went and saw new years weekend. He has been seeing this guy who HOT looking like a freaking model. they have become friends, slept over and just cuddled, and like little by little taking baby steps towards anything sexual. I think that's pretty cool.
oh yeah and I sent my ex-gf a postcard from NYC. long story. but all the couples I saw walking around NYC just made me want to be there with her seeing everything together and having a grand old time like the good old days.(its been 3 years and 2 months, 1 day.....dont even get me started....)
for some reason I seem to get so excited about the hunt but not the killing when I'm out checking around for dudes.
sorry , what a lame post, but where else am i going to share these thoughts. I'm actually still feeling great about last weekend, just today I was thinking about how right now, so many people walking and walking up and down those streets i was on in NYC, just never stops! so cool.
I ironed my new shirts from NY last night while watching the ocsars that I taped SUnday since I was on a plane. and this mornig I wore one of them to work.
I've decided I currentlly have zero interest in guys here in OKC. Which really is not a bad thing, it's when you quit looking sometimes that the best situations find you! ha.
someone anonymous comment if there is anyone who gets hot thinking of stroking it up with another nice dick and some oral and make out, but has no interest in going all the way with a dude. .....anyone?

Monday, February 26, 2007

Quentin the Frenchman, my hotel room, view of 6th avenue, and outside the theatre

general rundown

SHOUT OUT TO GARY!!! thanks tons for you help and info before and during my trip to NYC. I wish I would have not slept in so late and met you at church on Sunday morning, next time definitely owe you a drink or meal! thanks again man.

Ok so I left Friday morning and got stuck in Houston for a couple hours due to our flight getting out of OKC late. But absolutely NO PROBLEM once I sat down on the later flight into LGA. my seat was right next to some hot younger tan guy with short gelled up hair and a tight fitting hollister shirt and gray slacks etc etc.mmmmmmm (I'll get a pic posted as soon as I can)he had an ipod on and we never spoke until the halfway meal time. before that I'd been staring into his face now and then while he slept with his head up against the window facing me ( I was in the middle seat). damn cute!! such lips, perfect nose, eyebrows....blah blah blah. anyway turned out he was a travel agent from France who had been visiting his gf in Mexico for a week in Cancun. His English was limited and I don't speak French, but we both spoke Spanish for most of the trip which was fun and cool. I tried to explain to him my suduko puzzle from the airline magazine. before landing he suggested that we share a taxi and save the money since he needed to go to a bank before going out to the island on east side. We were laughing it up and chatting away all the way into NYC in the back of the cab. so we went to my hotel, got out shook hands and said goodbye. I took a pic and have been kicking myself ever since for not saying, "here, write down your email address!" damn it!

I checked in my things, and went out and started walking up to 42nd street and taking a subway up to 76th? I think to find the Whitney Museum, spent a while there, and then subway back to my hotel to wash up and get out to Gym sports bar. studied the maps again, and headed out for the bar. Had a blast standing around in there drinking my budlight and acting pretty casual and relaxed as usual.(I'm not one for bar attitudes) had a few guys sort of catching eyes with me that I purposely quit looking at. this one Latino guy I could tell was interested, I got my second beer (in other words willing to get a bit more aggressive) and went over to stand next to him in the back where guys were sort of standing around watching the pool table. then next thing I know some drunk muscled up guy comes and stands with his back to wall right between us. weird, I turned to look toward the front of the club til he left, and then me and the hot Latino guy started smiling and talking about that guys. long story short, Brazilian guy named Enrique.FUN.
walked home much later that night from where i was in Chelsea very cold and confused about where the bus or subway was but once on 34th felt safe and fine and was sobering up.

Saturday morning, breakfast at "PAX" on the corner of 40th and 6th ave. then back down to 34thst, Macy's, H&M, other stores, north on Broadway shopping and taking pictures of stuff. picked up my tickets at the George Oneil theater for "spring Awakening". then back to the hotel to call CH, next went shopping down in Chelsea at some stores I'd seen the night before. by 2pm I was back at the theater for the show! was AWESOME as described below. we were on the 5th row back from the stage although left of center. CH left his cellphone at home and was not able to contact his friend Jim the casting guy so his plans to get me backstage didn't happen, but it's cool, I was happy enough to see some of the cast come outside after the show. CH biked off ( I'll see him this July 4th when Aus bud and I visit NYC again). I walked up to 55th and over to 12 ave to the ARmory for the International arts festival going on there. (tons of pics will be posted for a while from that) was there for hours, walked back towards time square at 8pm, more pics, eating, hotel to relax and clean up, then debated to just sleep and crash or go out to a bar. I decided to try Splash bar just south of my hotel, it pretty much sucked though, just a bunch of muscled up club guys and too dark to see anything or anyone in there, too loud music etc etc. stayed for about an hour the went home and crashed and packed and prepared for the next day.

Sunday, went to PAX again for breakfast, so nice, and then more shopping on 34th, and generally made my way down to greenwhich and then SOHO, pictures, shopping etc... subway over to Brooklyn at 2pm when the Steve Keene gallery opened up. First thing I noticed walking off the subway in Williamsburg was how quiet it was like normal outside, compared to NYC all weekend with traffic always. Was on a tight schedule, only in Brooklyn for about 15-20 minutes before I was walking back to L train, going to hotel for my luggage, and then walking up 5th avenue to 42nd and gran central station for the bus to the airport!! everything timed perfectly.

I stopped just south of the public library to take a picture, walked up north around the corner east a block to get to gran central, and noticed I was missing my lacoste sack. with my (by now) heavier carry-on, back pack and 2nd carry-on with other clothes purchased inside, I sort of walked and then ran back to the corner to look around, then turned back south to where I stopped to take the photo and low and behold, there is a lady with the sack at her feet and my new shirt taped up in the store paper in her hands. "hello" that's mine, thank you thank you.. .as I take it from her, pick up my sack and she was like... ok... luckily no tiff ensued. man I was glad, the two best shirts I bought $65 at lacoste and $30 H&m shirt, would have SUCKED to not make it back with them. ha.

that's it, trip over, I smiled all the way home from the OKC airport, couldn't believe I had just been to BIG BAD BUSY NYC and back in just one weekend, or maybe I was smiling to know there was a shower and my bed at home ready to jump right into.

so I survived. I can't say that I began any big love affair with New York City, but I definitely want to continue the romance. I'll be back and hopefully soon!

about last thursday, short films

watched the Oscar nominated short films downtown OKC at the art museum last thursday night. SOme really good ones, the action movies a littler better than the animated ones but over all, it was fun to see them all.

As for the animated ones, The Little matchgirl was pretty lame, a disney handrawn that could have been from the the same decade as "the Rescuers" or "all dogs go to heaven" and she dies in the end and I didn't get any stroy or message in favorite was The Danish Poet an awesome story how a chain of events led to the meeting of the author's mom and pop. It actually did win the oscar. another nominee, "no time for nuts" was a rehash of the squirrel from ice-age trying to get a nut, same ole story line really.

The live action were extremely cool, Oscar went to "West bank Story" if you can find it on dvd eventually, watch it, hilarious musical take on "west side story" this time it is israeli's and palestinians with falafel food huts competing, a lot of crazy costume and ethnic shtick. hilarious and timely. My favorite was actually "Binta and the great idea" about an African girl who can go to school and has a cousin who's father does not allow her to. Just try and watch the pegleg beautiful smiling black skinned aFrican girl tryin got dance a jig with her classmates and try not to be moved instantly. The message in this film was one of peace also, yet it was the capturing of a culture and lifestyle on film that grabbed my interest more than anything. "the Saviour" was a funny Australian film about a mormon missionary who keeps visiting this one married woman and havnig an affair with her, until she asks that he stop "visiting" etc...had a funny twist ending. and a Spanish film " eramos Pocos" was hilarous, a wife leaves her husband and son to fend for themsleves so they go and get her mom from a retirement home just to do all the "women's work" for them.. also very funny ending.

Spring Awakening on broadway

I couldn't get over how great this show sounded live. Other than the two adult roles the entire cast is under 24 and talented and just belt out every note. Basically about growing up sheltered and shamed from anything sexual. Pretty awful time to grow up in what with a girl getting pregnant because her parents never tell her anything more than storks, the story of guys educating other guys of just what goes on with sex, and the song lamenting the sad sad tale of child sex abuse in families, and forced abortions. Each song emphasizes and moves the story along. great acting and tons of energy on stage throughout. get there and SEE IT NOW! I will definitely be seeing this again next time in NY if possible.
will try and post some pics of the theatre and the cast outside after the show very soon.

spring awakening clips...

Sunday, February 25, 2007

yup, I survived............

well if you got sick of reading about getting ready for NYC, just wait for all the pics and blog posts to come. man I haven't stopped smiling since I got to grandcentral and found my bus to newark this afternoon. felt so good to get back into my pickup and drive home with a sack full of stuff I had actually bought in NY. actually I look forward to getting back, now I'm just going to unpack, watch the end of oscars , and CRASH into bed! more more more later...