Thursday, November 01, 2007

good week continues...

been training all week on base, so no time for many pic posts.........
living on base is pretty cool, hotel clean service in my room, and lots of guys in big groups in their fatigues marching or running back and forth across base or doing all the drills out on the field.
of course all the different countries represented and the uniforms and the flight suits....all good .
btw we are going to be outfitted with fatigues and boots at our civilian training before leaving the states. we don't know yet if we will be required to wear that on base or not, or while teaching etc... but we've been told if they offer boots take them because they are worth weraing to keep feet warm.ha

I've gotten a few good looks at the gym this week, I think it's mainly because I'm the only gringo in tat part of town that goes to the YMCA. next week I plan to try out the gym on base here... ahh yeah.

I'm making some good money on our per diem expenses, $54 a day, not bad since I'm eating groceries in my room for breakfast and most lunches.

I do want to mention how awesome I think it is the guys from arab countries or india or some latin where are not afraid at all to walk with an arm on the other or holding a hand while standing and talking. for examply shaking hands and then jsut holding it and standing there.
I guess I am ultra sensitive to that stuff since I grew up scared of things being considered gay, which is a shame that we do here in this country. anyway, really its a beautiful thing and I dont' mean ina gay way. I actually had a great college bud who would hug on they guys all the time and he wasn't gay at all nor did I feel anything towards him, basically just one of those guys' guys who everyone likes, is competely macho and confident and pysical touch is NO BIG DEAL. Why can't all guys be like that, oh yeah this country is too damn homophobe so that even natural physical non sexual contact between guys can't even happen. after all humans need to be touched or we die, and I think subconsciously that has an impact on our society with men.. blah blah , anyway, just some ideas. (for example consider supra macho italian or greek males who kiss with a greeting as a custom etc...)

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J.R. said...

Hugs are for wusses!!

Ha! I got over "gay fears" of the hug long ago... I do remember being a little worried about offering hugs, but then once I saw it was so common for guys to do nowadays... no big.

It's nice to hug up (in a non-pervy way) on you crush every now and then!

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