Sunday, November 04, 2007

FUN fun fun fun

so I'm tearing up this town!
San Antonio is a great place, so spread out and all, lots of tex-mex flavor, that's the food and the men. ha
had an excellent weekend doing a lot of things around downtown mainly.
was up too too late last night, in fact didn't come home at all, and was showing up to lunch with my team here downtown at the riverwalk at 11:30 in the same thing I wore out last night. oops.
All day yesterday ran around SA shopping some, and worked out on the gym on base instead of the Y. I have to say the gym on base has the type of guys you'd expect to see...........ALL good.
legs sore today.
actually met a guy online that was in the same quarters I'm in on base, that was cool. he was a commander about to take some troops back to Iraq today.....hmmmm
I have a lot of thoughts on the people in San ANtonio, I'll try to make a post later.
One thing I can say is that they drive like crazy on the highway here.
I'm getting to know my way around pretty good.

one more thing, this guy from arjhizaban or something like that was in the laundry area yesterday, picture dark haired light skinned smooth skinned guy tall and totally buff like a swimmer. anyway, he looked damn good in a tishrt and cargo shorts and flip flops, well anyway, he has this slash on his inner forearm, like 2 or more inches long and about 3/4 or more wide, and he had wrapped it up in a toweel and was then jsut let it scab over. and I was freaking out telling him he HAS to see a doctor and get that stitched back together, and he was saying nah it doesn't hurt, and maybe tomorrow, and I said tomorrow is SUnday and difficult to see a doctor, go TODAY. crazy guy. but hot guy.


Anonymous said...

You were out all night?
Think that deserves a more detailed post.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, tell us more!

About the commander you met online, was he cruising?

Mike said...

Sounds awesome!!!

Sounds like you're having a great time!!! Can't wait to hear baout some of the stuff going on in San Antonio.