Monday, October 15, 2007

productive weekend

first of all the ceiling; we found that the ceiling was hung 6 inches below the original ceiling, so my father and I will be removing a small portion of the drywall, and see what it going on in that in between space, and then decide how to get something up there to connect and screw the drywall into.

second, the roomie; for a 4th time he left bottle of conditioner in my room near the computer. dumb guy just does not cover his tracks like he should. but then I've been known to have complete brain melt down or memory lapse once the "excitement" is over before also. ha

next; the new job. I was told today that it seems more likely our training will begin the 29th not the 22nd in San Antonio, and that I can fly or drive and get reimbursed. I am pretty sure I will drive down, so that I can stay the weekend before in Austin, and then of course able to drive around while living in a hotel with the other 4 instructors for a month and a half while we train. It looks like we'll be in the states for Thanksgiving which is nice, and prolly fly out sometime after that to AFGHNISTN! (hopefully there's a nice rug bazaar right outside the gate ??/ no??)

and this weekend; I was packing up stuff all weekend and am on the downside now of the job, I found a storage unit today near my house that is 10x15 for $69 a month. not too bad. I decided to put a few things backin the attic, some boxes of videotapes and cds and tapes in the basement sealed in plastic containers. and then only stuff I value going into storage, tons of stuff and furniture. I'll be leaving my computer, important papers, and decks of Eames Computer house of cards with my parents, along with my pickup.

swam today before work which felt awesome, and maybe made up for the icecream I had before bed last night. I'm indulging myself on a few things in case I go without junk food while in asia, which may not be a bad thing really.

tomorrow morning I think there is some sort of goodbye deal happening for me in the library at one of the junior highs I work at, and then a goodbye lunch at the high school. should be fun.


Anonymous said...

If the roomie will openly wear your underwear and other clothes without trying to cover his tracks, I really doubt that he cares if you know he is jacking in your room. He may be jacking while sniffing your underwear in your room in your bed. I bet the guy is more open minded than you might think. Try and play with him before you leave, see what’s up.

Anonymous said...

Do you really think leaving those things in the attic is a good idea? The attic is usually the warmest place in the house and the potential of some of those things melting, especially the film on the tapes, is pretty high. So, you may want to rethnk that.