Wednesday, September 05, 2007

what's Dan been up to..........

thanks for the comments. great to hear it all. I guess I do remain at conflict and continue in trying to reconcile who I am completely. and I define myself first by Faith.
anyway, man I had a heck of a headache all last night, thus the weakness in spewing out my thoughts in the last post.
I would insert the long boring story of how I was wearing a mouth guard for a month because I grind my teeth at night, and then I began to get a pain in my jaw, so I quit wearing it, and the pain persisted when I chewed food a certain way, and the last night I had a headache all afternoon and night at work, and then today the pain is mostly completely gone, so I think my jaw is back to normal. so anyway I'm not telling you the boring story. but lets just say no worries just in case I decide my expert oral skills are ever needed again... hmmm

I had a great labor day weekend regardless of not going to AUSTIN. Someone let me know if there was a huge great crowd out at Lake Travis? were the bars packed? Did J%%&&#&% and M$&&$^#*$ miss me and wonder if I was in AUstin?? ha ha

well I had a great weekend getting some yardwork done, painting my picket fence white outside while listening to albums on a record player on the back porch (Meatloaf, mamas and Papas, John Denver, and harry Belafonte), and I had a great time with the whole family at my parents place for a cookout.

I'm working extra hours this week, so I begin my mornings swims and workouts again NEXT week. this week was too short anyway to get any momentum going... so I decided. I've been checking out this Collezioni UOMO fall/winter magazine I picked up before work (it was 99 cents with the cover ripped off at the book store) and it's really motivating me to purchase a lot of black and grey for the winter wardrobe and also to GET BACK IN SHAPE!

I'm considering getting the computer out of my bedroom. Just to keep me off of it, number one, and also to keep my roomie out of my room. I've decided I don't like the idea of him in there getting all horny while online.

Anyone read Juxtapoz art and culture magazine? I think I'm going to subscribe because there is ALWAYS something in each issue that i find fascinating. it's basically about graphic art culture and design.

Speaking of art and design, I'm really looking forward to this movie coming to the art museum downtown in Oklahoma City, called "Helvetica". It's a documentary about the font style. That prolly sounds dumb to most readers, but I don't know I find font design really interesting.

If anyone in OKC is reading this, then make room on your calendar for the Art on Tap beer tasting event coming up in October. Just BITE DOWN and spend the $40 for the ticket. it's all the beer you could want to drink, tons of food, and great mix of people. I know I'll be going my 4th year, the first year I took the divorced gay guy who moved to Dallas that is trying to get custody of his kids ( blogged about before), and the second year was with this guy who teaches at the college I got my masters at UCO, and last year I took my bud who I occasionally used to go out to bars in OKC with. Each year had been a blast so far.

last weekend I watched OU beat North Texas 79-10. regardless of the score , it was an exciting game getting familiar with some new players on the field, some BIG players, and some HOT players. I was at the cross country coach's house with his wife, another couple, another coach and his wife -- well you get the picture. I look froward to many more OU games at their place hanging out, always a blast. Both my bud and his wife are ex military, and something about them, they both just seem really open minded and well adjusted although with a certain sense of discipline in ever decision they make. I've taught with both of 'em for about 5 years now. love 'em.

one more thing in this TOO LONG post. I admit doing the typical lazy generalizing American thing in the last post about calling everyone in northern Europe "Danish", ok ok Swedes are from Sweden (both hot). I guess the term I was looking for might have been "Nordic studs"? Thanks again for any comments and emails, keeps 'em coming.

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Dane said...

Hey it's Dane from myspace (the guy that emailed you a while back) and I just wanted to tell you that Helvetica looks awesome. And I always read Juxtapoz because my coworker gets every issue. Anyway, thought I'd say hi and keep up the good blogging. Go OU!