Thursday, August 09, 2007

shout out to JP's blog "OVERNIGHT IN NY"

How could you pass over checking up on this blog with a subtitle that says, "JP IS SETTING GOALS AND READY TO KICK SOME ASS"..... Stay caught up with his progress and what it's like for a sporty masculine gay guy trying to find just the right man in NYC, of course the main challenge is meeting guys while keeping up with his graveyard shift hours at work. thus the title.

Another great thing about OVERNIGHT IN NEW YORK is keeping up JP's weekend shenanigans. All the coolest bars, and always running into people he knows, and consistently finding some not so straight hunk to make out with.

I know if I ran into JP at some bar I'd definitely keep the drinks coming, and eventually steer the conversation to taking a walk outside or the the bathroom. ha! Now go leave JP a comment at his blog here.

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JUSTIN said...

Good ol' JP. If not for him I would have never found your blog, amongst others...