Thursday, August 09, 2007

football dreams crushed....

speaking of football... there was an accident about 2 miles northwest of my house involving a 14 year old kid running on a trail to get into shape for his freshman year at football practice when a dump truck backed into him and killed him. It was in the papers today that the family is suing the construction company for $5 million. More about the story here if interested.

UPDATE: the $5 mil lawsuit on todays front page headline was a hoax. the family was apalled to see the news, they had called the attorney about consulting ONLY, and the guy goes ahead and files a claim. I'm glad the sister of the boy killed was on the news to set it straight so the community doesn't talk about them being money grubbing etc....and the lawyer has been investigated by the bar before for trading sex for legal fees etc... whatever.

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