Wednesday, May 23, 2007

in case you missed the "catfight"

it's SO SO SO about the ratings, the cheaply won kind. the producers cut to a split screen in the middle of this and won't break to commercial when the other hosts are obviously SO uncomfortable. I jsut consider it really BAD tv and pretty much fast forwarded through the clip. save it for Jerry Springer ladies! gee whiz.


Anonymous said...

Happened to be home today and heard the screaming on the tv and heard it all. The more that Rosie is on the less I like her. She does have valid points but her presentation in expressing those thoughts gets her an F. She is as far left as Elizabeth is right. Save the political for late night cable and bring back the daytime coffee talk!!

JUSTIN said...

Ugh...this is an approximation of everything that is wrong with with American politics.

And seriously Rosie, don't play the "gay" minority card, total cop-out.

Mike said...

What do you expect during a ratings period? Heh... ratings= money, money= good.

Glad to see you posted the video. I should have heard about it, I mean being at a news station this morning, but suddenly when I got out and was driving to school it was all over the radio. I seemed to come in on the tail of the conversation each time and never understood what was going on. So it was the first time I got to hear it tonight when I saw it on your blog.

I like Rosie I will say... even if I don't agree with her. I like that she speaks her mind. I don't like the whole gay card thing though...

I don't watch the View, but it intrigues me to hear/see all the stuff going on on there... it just gets crazier and crazier.