Tuesday, April 10, 2007

This is crazy..............

I have a friend who believes this completely, that 9/11 was rigged by OUR govt.(And he believes we never walked on the moon)... anyway, my point is that I still consider him a good friend (he's the str8 ex roomate who's getting married here in OKC soon) I just don't ever bring it up and when the discussion does happen, I try to look at it all with a grain of salt, but COME ON!
anyway, I don't think firing rosie is going to do anything about the conspiracy or the show. I think the viewers can decide for themselves if they want to continue watching or not.. blah, big deal. INteresting news story, between this and the don imus thing. (sucks when the news on tv is all about what other people on tv are doing. while people in Darfur continue to be raped and killed, drugs continue to be smuggled into the USA, sex slavery continues in this country and others, the war in Iraq with no real end, global warming etc etc. anyway you get the point.)


Anonymous said...

Whether a person believes that 9/11 was an act of terrorists or was some sort of conspiracy, do the research on this and other matters. I wouldn't take everything said or shown by the media at face value. And what ever happened to free speech or is this okay only when the majority agree with the statements?

FireHorse said...

OK. Rosie might be a bit off on the comment about "fire not melting steel" but what shits me (I am not American) is that even I can tell that the host is trying to imply (without subtlety) that ABC/Disney is in someone "endorsing" Rosie's comments.

That sounds like one enormous media conglomerate slagging off another enormous media conglomerate. Money and business talking here.

Good to see you express yourself Dan about what direction 'news' television is taking. It more than "sucks" Dan.

Ask most of your countryman where Darfur is and it will raise more questions like what, where, when. huh.

I found out a little bit more about you today and I like that.